Films I’ve Watched Recently



I’ve always loved films and the cinema environment (minus the dingbats who play on their phones!) and I enjoyed the experience so much that I went to University and studied it for three years. So naturally, I still watch and enjoy films as much as I possibly can.

Today is a bit of change – I’ve decided to do a mini set of Film Reviews (hope you don’t mind) and maybe, if you all like them I may do some more. If you follow me on Twitter @EmmaIsWriting – you will see that I use the hashtag #movienight so jump on the bandwagon..




FILM #1 – Gone Girl

SO.. Gone Girl is a film which has taken the world by storm and I waited a while (until it was online) to watch it. After much persuasion from my friend Katie, I finally caved and decided to wait it. It’s a film which you can really get into from the very first scene and you’re hooked until the end. Ben Affleck is a super main character and I really enjoyed watching him in more of an action film rather than in He’s Just Not That Into You. 

As for the twist, I was told that there is several and I’m not going to lie – I’m rather disappointed. I was texting Katie with “is that it?” To me, I expected a big WHAT THE FUDGE moment..

FILM #2 – Before I Go To Sleep 

When I met S. J. Watson in February at his book signing, I promised that I’d watch the film adaptation of Before I Go To Sleep and after borrowing the DVD, I watched it and absolutely loved it. If you’ve read the book and my review (cheeky promo there), you’ll know that the main character writes down her thoughts about her memories but in the film, she vlogs (without putting it on YouTube) and when I watched the trailer, I wasn’t thrilled that they made this change but after seeing the film, I really enjoyed it.

The twist was much better than Gone Girl (sorry) so I’d highly recommend this!


It’s no secret that I love Nicholas Sparks and his books and his films and his loving attitude towards the world. Safe Haven is not just about love – it’s about running; running away from the man who did nothing but hurt you from all of your life. I remember reading the book a while ago and taking myself to the cinema to watch it on release day. I absolutely loved it and the ending is so incredibly beautiful. I’m not much of a crying person but HOLY MOLY, this made me bawl like a baby.

If you want a film that you can just relax and watch, this is the one!

Film #4 – The Adjustment Bureau

Film4 really do know how to treat us. One Sunday evening at 9pm, I settled down in bed with a cup of tea to watch one of the best science fiction films I’ve ever seen – I mean, I just love it. I watched it alone one rainy day and I was completely sucked into the plot. You don’t need to use your brain a lot when it comes to the film as I’ve heard people say it’s EXACTLY like Inception and it’s really not – trust me on that one!

If you love action films and WTF moments, this is one to curl up in bed and watch.

And that is that! Mini Film Review over with. I hope you enjoyed it as it is something brand spanking new. Next time I watch a couple of films, I will do another.

What have YOU watched recently? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx