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My Daily Skin Care Routine

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Hello you lovely bunch, 

Today I wanted to talk about skin care and why it’s so unbelievably important. I’ve never really had a routine until now and that’s because I’ve bought products and been sent some which work wonders on my skin! There are a couple of blog posts to come on certain products but I’ll make sure to let you know which..

*Disclaimer: Despite being sent some products, these are my honest opinions and if I didn’t enjoy them, then they wouldn’t be in my routine. Simple as.

Q. Why should we have a routine?
We need to keep our skin as healthy as possible. Some products can be harsh on our skin so it’s important to make sure that we choose the ones which do the job right! Having a routine allows your skin to get used to the pattern, to work alongside the products and show off the best possible results.

Q. How did I put together a routine?
I put together one in the order in which I use the products. Gather your products together and make a point of knowing exactly what each one does which leads nicely onto my next question..

Q. Is there a skincare order?
I’ll be honest – until writing this post in March, I didn’t know there was an order (oops) but now that I know, I can use it to the best of my ability. Of course, I’m going to share with you.. I’ve also made it into a picture in case any of you want to print screen it!


My Morning Routine:





*Blog Post Coming Soon*


The second I wake up in a morning, I have to cleanse my face with the Nivea cream and cotton pads – it’s my holy grail and I’ve been using it since I was around ten years old. It really is an amazing product and it’s done wonders for my skin. I don’t wear foundation (never have, probably never will) and I barely have any spots. If you’re someone who does unfortunately break out more than they’d like to, I’d strongly recommend this as a cleanser. It gets rid of bacteria and allows your face to have a glow. I also use it as a body moisturiser so it’s a win win all round!

The Skinetica is a product which I’ve only just started using as it was kindly given to me at the North West Bloggers Meet Up and oh my! Goodbye redness, goodbye to the awful spot markings between my eyebrows and hello fresh skin! This is a superb toner and I know on the website, it’s Β£9.50 for one bottle (free world wide posting) and for me, that’s pricey but I would pay it because I know that the product really does the job. In a morning after my Nivea cream has been applied, I use  this with a cotton pad and dab it over any spots which I may have and around my nose. I apply a lot more at night but we’ll get to that and there will be a full blog post coming soon..

The Johnson’s 24 hour day cream is heavenly! I use this right before applying my makeup so I’m not really sure if it technically counts as another moisturising step but oh well. I bought this product because I wanted a backup in case anything went wrong with my Nivea one and since I’ve been using them together, my skin is ten times better. Johnson’s really are a great company and I’ve been using them since I was born so my skin doesn’t react one little bit!

My Evening Routine:



*Blog Post Coming Soon*


Of a night time, I love having the satisfaction of taking all my makeup off and giving my face the clean it deserves. Before either of the Witch/Nivea products are used, I take my makeup off with the day Nivea pot (the white one) before using the Skinetica all over. Once that’s left to dry on it’s own accord, I’ll use the Witch cream to get rid of any spots or scarring on my face. I really don’t want to say too much about this as there will be a full blog post coming later..

When I bought the Johnson’s 24 hour cream, I wanted a night time cream and I knew Johnson’s did one but could I find it anywhere? The answer is no by the way.. So I stumbled across the Nivea one and thought why not? I already use a Nivea one so I gave it a go and as I sleep, this cream really soaks into my skin and I wake up feeling refreshed and my skin just feels soft. I don’t know if it’s done any wonders to my under eye bags because I can’t really tell the difference.

My Weekend Routine:

photo 2


I don’t like those face masks which you have to peel off your face – it makes me feel like a snake shedding a layer. Nope, just not for me. I’m not really a mask person at all but I really want a fantastic exfoliator and TA-DA! I once stupidly applied this and left it on my face for around five minutes. Do not do this unless you wish to resemble a beetroot. I had to go and stand in the conservatory for at least half an hour in order to cool down. I now apply it every Sunday evening (when I remember) and it just really gives my face a good exfoliate. I would highly recommend this if you’re not a fan of face masks – give this a whirl!

Top Tip: Clean your makeup brushes every single week. This allows your makeup to apply better. I do it every single Sunday evening without fail so they’re lovely and fresh for the new week ahead.

I hope you enjoyed today’s longer post. Let me know which products you use! 

EL xx