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Review of Halo Face Wipes & Balance Active Under Eye Cream


Happy Friyay!

I wanted to give more of a chilled out review today as it is Friday and we all love relaxing before the weekend kicks in. So, at the North West Bloggers MeetUp, we were given skincare products as well as everything else.

*Disclaimer: These are my own opinions and these companies have not influenced my decision one little bit. 

Halo Wipes



I will state this now: I’m not a fan of face wipes at all. I don’t like the wet sensation of them or the sticky feeling which they leave on your face. Nope, not for me. But I did give these Halo Fragrance Free Wipes a go as they were kindly sent. In a pack, you get 10 which isn’t too bad. I couldn’t find any available online to match mine exactly but in Sainsburys, they apparently sell 30 for Β£1 so I’m not exactly sure if that’s correct but roll with it. The fragrance free wipes smell really fresh and for my sensitive skin, they didn’t flare it up so it does get the thumbs up from me. However, when it came to taking my liquid eyeliner off, it failed so that was a slight disappointment. I’m not a buyer of face wipes so don’t take my opinion as a say so.

Balance Active Formula





Don’t panic: it’s not real snake venom. I was in a bit of a do I use it? kind of frame of mind. But I decided to as it would be rude to have the product from the company and not use it, so I did and the results are amazing! I first tried this at night time before heading to sleep and I thought that it wouldn’t work but I woke up the following morning after an awful six hours sleep and I barely had any dark sleeps. I’m not a big sufferer from them anyway but I do tend to have under eye bags which magically disappear with concealer. Snake venom or not, this product is fantastic! However, I think this is the product which has caused hives to break out under my eyes so I’ve sadly had to stop using.

Which skincare products do you enjoy using? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx


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