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Review of Virtue Ice Tea & Love The Popband

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Hello, me again! 

At the NW Bloggers Meet Up, we were treated to a lot of gorgeous goodies. I’ve really enjoyed these two products and I’m gutted that one lasted longer than the other!

*Disclaimer: Yes, I was given these products for review and no, my opinion hasn’t been influenced. 






I love ice tea!! It’s a delicious drink and I always thought that Lipton’s Peach one was the only one I liked but oh no – my life has been introduced to this heavenly strawberry & peach one. When it comes to reviewing drinks, I’m not going to lie – it’s a bit difficult to explain how it tasted. It was nice, it was fruity, it was fresh, it was chilled and it tasted really natural. Now, these drinks are pricey – brace yourself – Amazon sell them for £28 for 24. These drinks are so good for you though..


Water, fruit extract, citric acid, tea extract, natural flavouring, vitamins, minerals and natural sweetener.


  • Natural Antioxidants – Detoxifying effect
  • Vitamin C – Supports immune system
  • B-Vitamins – Reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Magnesium – Balances electrolytes
  • Zinc – Supports normal metabolism

*All noted from the Virtue website

The Popband





I’m a all black bobble kind of girl and when I saw that my goodie bag consisted of a lime green one, I thought of whether it’d suit my hair colour but as I’m now ombre, it actually looks rather good if I do say so myself. Hello big head! The thing with these Popband bobbles is that they can be used as arm candy. Lime green is a great colour for spring and goes well with a lot of colours, surprisingly! For one individual popband which has a lot more added than mine, they’re £5 each from the brand website and for a pack of five, they’re £8, again from the website. Please note that those are two different links.

So what’s so special about these bobbles? They’re a no crease accessory, they’re soft, stretchy, and they leave your hair feeling kink-free. Just watch Olivia’s video to see the proof!

I hope you enjoyed today’s mixed review post. 

EL xx