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Hello everyone,

Today, I’ve teamed up with WeWork who are based mainly in America as well as London and Europe. They kindly asked if I would showcase my Blog space and as I tend to write my posts in several different places, I thought why not?

*Disclaimer: WeWork have not paid me for this advertisement. 




There’s a running joke in my family that I was born organised. It’s the way I’ve been for the past 24 years and I actually like being on top of my to-do list. At the time of writing this blog post, it’s the 1st of April so that’s why I’m showcasing my April Fool’s to-do list which I completed by noon. Whoop!

On the inside of my wardrobe, I keep my blog schedule where I write down what posts are scheduled for which days so I know what to expect when my Twitter notifications pop up. I do tend to schedule weeks (sometimes a month) in advance so it’s handy to have these up in a place which I see 24/7. I do make these blog schedules myself by the way in case anyone was wondering..

These post it notes are from the NW Bloggers Meet Up and they’re just perfect for busy bloggers like myself. With my purple notebook, that’s where I jot down notes for my book reviews and a couple of blog ideas.

The Books 



My blog URL will probably have already given this away but I do love books. Publishers and authors very kindly send me books to review. I used to keep all the ones I’m sent but after a while, I just didn’t have space so I now keep the ones which I’m obsessed with and these pink flower boxes are from Tesco but I’m not certain if they’re still in stock but if you do spot them, they’re around £5-8 each.

On my bedside table, I keep my TBR (Kindle is in my top draw) and my owl notepad from Paperchase which I can’t find on the website unfortunately (sorry!). I use these for longer blog post ideas and in the picture above, I’ve got the ingredients for Lily Pebbles Brookies which will be a blog post.

The Pictures 


This is where I take all my blog pictures – it’s a white desk and white background in my parents room and it’s ideal for taking photographs for you all to see. Incase you’re wondering, I use PicMonkey to edit them but not vastly, just with a filter and a black border in order to give it my own spin on it.

Recently, I’ve been blogging in bed as well as but there’s no need for a picture of me, in my dressing gown, writing posts.. Ha!

Where do you blog? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx


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  1. Your blogging space looks really homey and stylish! I normally write under a massive blanket, so not hugely interesting haha

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