Album Review of Closer by Shayne Ward

Published: 13th April 2015
Label: MPG

Album Track: 

1. Moving Target
2. My Heart Would Take You Back
3. I Never Said
4. The Way You Were
5. Too Much To Lose
6. Crying Lying Eyes
7. I’m So Proud Of You
8. Make It Simple
9. Fake
10. I Let You Get Away


*Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by Shayne or his Label, this is just a fan expressing her admiration for a new album. My opinions are all my own. I am proud to say that Shayne co-wrote every song!

Moving Target

“You’ve got the sweetest kiss..”

With a beautiful piano and some finger clicks, the album gets off to a fantastic start. It’s the perfect intro to Shayne’s voice and as the beat becomes faster, it’s hard not to have a little dance while the song continues. His voice is crisp, clear and those high parts – WOW! That is what I’ve missed for the past four years. During the second play of the song, I found myself singing along – it’s so catchy!

My Heart Would Take You Back 

“Another night you’re out again…”

I’ve heard this song a lot recently as it’s the first single from the album and I can’t find fault with it one bit. With low and high parts, Shayne gives us the perfect song to dance to at a wedding as it’s one with anyone at any age can enjoy. It’s ideal for those who are going through a breakup as it’s very reflective.

I Never Said

“I never knew you were hurting inside.”

With a slow start to the song, you know this will be a powerful ballad. His voice and the accompanying music go perfectly together like salt and pepper. I was so into the words and meaning behind the song that I just don’t know what to say… Beautiful.

The Way You Were

“Take me to the way you were.”

Once more, the piano is at the beginning of the song with a soft percussion before the tempo is lifted and it’s a fantastic dance track. You can’t deny that Shayne doesn’t add to variety.

Too Much To Lose

“You were perfection.”

The combination of what sounds like a funky element on a keyboard and Shayne’s soft, slow vocal cords are so far apart from what ought to be different but it works so well! It reminded me a lot of his X Factor Live Show Performances and how his style was back in the day. Just wait until 1:43 and 2:37 because the high pitch is stunning!

Crying, Lying Eyes

“Drop the act, mamma raised you right.”

Oh hello funky guitar intro and Shayne’s voice going all attitudey! Love, love, love! With a gorgeous sound of a saxaphone/trumpet, this song is perfect for anyone who enjoys jazz music! I love the use of the word ‘closer’ throughout the sound because that’s exactly what fans want to feel towards Shayne. I like how the song didn’t just stop abruptly, the music carried softly on until fading out.

I’m So Proud Of You

“I wanna show the world, I’m gonna shout it from the rooftops!”

With an upbeat intro and Shayne’s powerful statement, this song gets off to a flying start and it’s difficult not to get sucked into the beat. It’s a beautiful, fast paced reflective song about loving a loved one. I can see this being a favourite of the fans!

Make It Simple

“It’s you I adore.”

Que the stunning violins and Shayne showing everyone exactly what he can do with his voice. This song is quite possibly my favourite of the ten! The lyrics are so relatable and teaches listeners that you don’t need expensive items when you’ve got someone at your side who you adore and vice versa. This is one of those songs which is ideal to listen to when you’ve lost someone.. As the saying goes “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”


“You’re a fake and a fraud.”

One word will cover this album completely – Powerful! Shayne’s voice in this song is incredibly strong and meaningful. It’s one of those which I can’t wait to learn the lyrics because it’d be great to sing along to when in the car.

I Let You Get Away

“I woke up to your photograph reminded me of all the silly things.”

The piano and a soft ballad is the perfect way to end the album. It’s not hard at all to be carried away by Shayne’s voice into your own little imagination. I’m not ashamed to say that this song made me very teary-eyed and I don’t cry easily. Beautifully stunning.


This is the first album we have had from Shayne since Obsession in November 2010 and I must say, it was well worth the wait because it’s powerful, beautiful and as much as I love his previous albums – this one is 100% Shayne. It’s real, it’s relatable and as emotional as the songs are, I’m in love with them all. Bravo Mr Ward, bravo!

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I hope you enjoyed today’s different review – I really enjoyed writing it! Let me know which song of Shayne’s you like the most.

EL xx


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  1. yessss Shayne Ward, when he first became famous! I was obessed! LOL pretty sure I still am! Loving this post and will be adding this album to my spotify.

    1. I still love and obsess over him! The album is absolutely amazing. Let me know what you think xx

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