COME ALONG WITH ME: Meeting Shayne Ward

Happy Friyay! 

The very handsome and extremely sweet Shayne Ward won The X Factor back in 2005. Ten years later, he has released his fourth studio album Closer and still to this day, I’m 100% supporting him. From his gorgeous looks to his incredible voice, he can do no wrong and I was utterly excited to meet him. Que the fan girl post..

*Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Shayne in any way. Just a fan finally meeting him!

On Wednesday morning, I hopped on a train to Preston only half an hour away for the HMV signing. I purchased my copy and began to wait in the queue. Shayne’s security, who were hilarious, brought out a cardboard cut out of the man himself and a cheeky picture did not go a miss..


I was first in line and after waiting just over an hour and a half, the man himself arrived full of smiles. The Pledgers and the HMV VIPs actually went first but after fifteen minutes or so, it was my turn to see the main man.

I want to get into the meeting part before I show you the pictures. Shayne is exactly how he is on the radio, on the TV, in his music videos.. By far, the most down to earth man I think I’ve ever met. He’s full of the smiles and you can’t blame him because the turnout was lovely! He took the time to see everyone and the evening before, I had a sneaky feeling that we wouldn’t be able to talk to him for long so I passed him a congratulations card with a letter inside.

All in all, I can’t fault Shayne or his new album one little bit. My former 14-year-old self who fangirled over him winning will be bloody chuffed right now. I’ve wanted to meet him for the past ten years and I know that with you reading it, there may be some eye rolls but it meant a lot to me that I was finally able to go and say hello (and have a hug!)

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the mini album review coming next!


Shayne’s team came round and gave us all free pictures! So sweet.


JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE! Oh and the orange card..



I already had a pre signed copy of Obsession but decided to get the CD signed. 

I love how Shayne always wants to be close to his fans – not just on pictures but just by the little chat with him, you could see it in his eyes that his happiness came from seeing the fans happy. It’s just another element of why he’ll always have my support. Oh and he’s a lot more buff and hunky in real life – who knew?

Best day of 2015!

EL xx