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Review of Utility & Bespoke Bracelets Jewellery



I haven’t spoken about jewellery since my organisation post which I loved doing! At the North West Bloggers Meet Up, we were given some beautiful pieces and we all didn’t receive the same which is brilliant.



When I saw the parrot necklace in our goodie bags, I couldn’t believe it. They’re absolutely stunning! The Estella Bartlett collection ranges from songbird, star, bumblebee to lucky wishbone. The silver plate necklaces are very delicate – I should know.

On the Monday following the meetup, I decided to wear mine out while going to see my nephews after nursery and after taking my coat off, the necklace just fell. The chain had snapped and I was left feeling absolutely gutted. I tweeted about it, not realising that within moments, Utility in Liverpool One had offered to replace it for me – FREE OF CHARGE! I didn’t snap it on perhaps, it was one of those unlucky moments and I’ve very, very, very, very happy that it was replaced. But now, I’m too scared to wear it! Hahaha. Don’t be put off by mine snapping – it was just bad luck or a loose chain. These are beautiful Β£20 presents for your Mum, sisters and yourself.

Since receiving a second necklace, I opened the packaging a couple of days later and without touching the necklace, I could see that it was broken once more. I won’t be taking it back to Utility but I was really looking forward to wearing it.





Cute jewellery is seriously a win with me! These two gorgeous pieces (prices not included on the Facebook page) are perfect to slip on when you want to add a boost to your outfit. I was really worried that the ring would be too big as my fingers are tiny but thankfully, it fits like a glove and the bracelet doesn’t slip off. The elephant is quite possibly my favourite out of the two – they’re beautiful animals and they look great on bracelets/necklaces.

BeSpoke Bracelets


What’s a blogger with a bracelet confirming what we are? I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s so chic, cool and stylish. I just can’t take it off especially right now when I’m blogging about this post. These are all hand made as well which makes it even more wonderful. If you’re interested in this particular bracelet or with a different hashtag, they are Β£8.50Β and well worth it I think.

I hope you enjoyed this jewellery post!

EL xx


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