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My MakeUp/Skin Care Storage


Hi everyone!

I’ve wanted to do this post for SO long now. I really enjoy watching YouTube videos about makeup storage and I thought – why not do my own but on my blog? I’ve broken it down between in my top draw of my middle wardrobe and on top of the draw…

In The Top Draw..


In my top draw, I like to keep my makeup, some hair products, spare deodorants and facial pads/cream (I buy in bulk incase anyone is wondering).

GHD Straighteners
I don’t use these as much as I used to. I’m growing my hair and heat stops it from growing so at the moment, it’s always in a bun (hint the doughnut bun at the right!). I do use heat protection spray but we’ll get to that.. I got these straighteners when I was 21 and now I’m 24 – they were a birthday present from Selfridges in The Trafford Centre.

Make Up
The cream box was a bargain from Tesco; £3.50. I’ve wanted one from IKEA but when I was late night shopping with my Dad, I spotted it and thought of how my makeup kept sliding everywhere and it was driving me mad!

Majority of my makeup is featured in a few blog posts: My Everyday MakeUp Routine, Five Products On My Face, What’s In My MakeUp Bag & Beauty/Skin Care Favourites. If you are interested in more detail – those will give it to you! That also includes my red makeup bag!

Tangle Teezer
HOLY GRAIL. A friend from High School told me about this a while ago and for £10.99 from Boots, I would happily pay that again. My hair is so much more softer and in amazing condition. I can’t use a regular hair brush anymore without crying out in pain! There’s also my hair band which I use if I’m applying my makeup and I’m yet to do my hair. I do have a comb somewhere in that picture.. It’s like spotting wally!

Skin Care
Nivea are my favourite skin care company – they’ve blessed me with amazing products since I was in High School (they haven’t sent me any before you ask!) and it just works wonders with my skin. It’s fantastic to use on your face or anywhere on your body. I’d highly, highly recommend this to pretty much anyone!

On Display..


Victoria Beckham Perfume – The only perfume I like.
Aussie Heat Protection Spray
Sanex Deodorant


Nail Polish Removers – I tend to pick up the cheapest
Spare Aussie Heat Protection Spray
L’Oreal Hairspray
Mark Hill (Christmas Set) – Hairspray and Anti-Humidity Spray
Johnson’s Gentle Exfoliating Wash


Marks & Spencer Hand Creams
Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream


I’ve that flower pot since FOREVER. I keep little things in here:
Nail Scissors
Black Thread
Spare L’Oreal Liquid Liner


In front of another FCUK box, I keep majority of my skin care products.


I love having my makeup brushes in my FCUK (this is not sponsored, I swear!) candle jar. It just looks really cute. Behind those is *another* FCUK box and in there, I keep all my nail polishes (should I do a blog post about those?) and lip balms.

I hope you enjoyed seeing where I keep my makeup and skin care products! Where do you keep yours? 

EL xx


6 thoughts on “My MakeUp/Skin Care Storage

  1. I got a bit distracted from reading the post because I love all of the pictures/ticket stubs that you have hanging on the wall (like, is that middle picture signed by all three actors? That’s awesome). 🙂
    Anyways, I really like all of the boxes/storage that you have! Now I actually feel more inspired to reorganize my room to find a different place to put my makeup. It’s kind of hard since I live at college, but I’ll figure something out. Nice post!


    1. Yes – it is signed. Aw, thank you lovely! The box is from Tesco but if you go to Ikea, there’s a lot more choice there!

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