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Review of Mello Mallo, Border Biscuits & Propercorn


I really wanted to post something different today, to kick start the week and make your bellies rumble #sorrynotsorry so today, I bring you a couple of the food items from the North West Bloggers Meet Up. Not only did we receive beauty products, stationery and multiple other items – but we did have delicious food that we had at the venue as well as in our goodie bags..

*Disclaimer: I did not eat all this in one go.

Mello Mallo






You can’t go wrong with marshmallows, can you? I don’t eat marshmallows on their own as I normally put them in a hot chocolate. However, I was rather excited to eat these as I’ve never had anything raspberry and white chocolate flavoured as it’s not my favourite flavour but these have won me over. They come in a clear plastic bag; two to each and they’re really tasty! I couldn’t eat them one after another as they are quite sweet.

Laura who makes the marshmallows is SO incredibly talented – these are all hand made. I can’t even make a homemade card! For 10 of these flavoured marshmallows, they cost £4.50 which is brilliant for handmade food.

Border Biscuits


Border Biscuits were very kind to send us three packets each and there were a good twenty-something of us! How generous of  them. The packaging is really clean cut, inviting and I’d imagine that these would look fantastic in hotels.



The first biscuits I tried were the chocolate chip and they are great in colour, plenty of chocolate chips to keep everyone happy and I don’t know why but I imagined them to be chewy biscuits… Just me? Yup, I think so. They broke easily and didn’t leave an awful lot of mess as I didn’t use a plate, naughty!



The second biscuits I tried were the Viennese Whirls. I’ve always, always loved these biscuits – I think they’re so elegant and perfect with a cup of tea. Border have made these really light, tasty and buttery – everything I want in a Viennese Whirls. It’s just a shame that one of them was broken because it would have been picture perfect.




Last but no means least: the choc chip shortbread ring. I NEED MORE OF THESE IN MY LIFE. These are quite possibly my favourite. Shortbread is one of my absolute favourite foods in the world and to add chocolate to it – I’m seriously impressed and madly in love with these! I’m going to have to hunt them down pronto.





Propercorn are talked about by pretty much everyone. They’re the brand who do flavours from fiery worcester sauce and sun-dried  tomato to sour cream and chive – wow! In future, I think I’m going to stick with my regular Cineworld sweet ones because despite looking forward to my first taste of Propercorn – I was disappointed. I’m not supposed to eat coconut as I’ve had a few bad reactions but after trying three pieces, I just couldn’t eat anymore. Not because I was worried about reacting but because it tasted like potpourri. Not for me I’m afraid..

Which comfort foods are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx


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