March & April Favourites



Do you remember in my January & February Favourites, I said this: “I want to break the blogger norm. Instead of posting a Monthly Favourites at the end of each month, I’m going to post one every two months.” I’ve seen some many bloggers do the exact same and it’s fantastic!

So, what did I enjoy in March and April? Remember, these are in no particular order..

1. Ben Turned One!


I deeply wish I had drawn this but I can’t even draw a stick man. I’m not going to post pictures of my nephews on my blog for various reasons but I saw him a day or so before (he was one on the 18th March!) and he sat on my knee (so cute) and was fascinated by the animal wrapping paper I had found. I bought him these books which he loves! The day before, he had one of those cake smash photo shoots – I’ve seen a picture of it and by the looks of things, he had a whale of a time!

P.S He walked. He actually walked. I held back my proud Aunty tears.

2. Soft Play With Ollie


Who had more fun? Ollie or Aunty Emma? I’m pretty sure I asked Ollie this in the car journey home and he said “mma.” Ha! We went one Friday afternoon and he was SO excited/hyper. We didn’t go all the way to the top as I didn’t want him to fall – safety first. We went on the slide and my sister took a video and you can hear ME screaming. ME! I’m 24 and Ollie is almost 2. Oh dear. He went on the trampoline for one of the first times (I think) and decided to say the word “tramp” for the rest of the day. Hilarious. I’m definitely taking him again.

3. Breakfast At The Albert Docks


One Sunday morning, Asbeena and I took ourselves off into Liverpool for breakfast at What’s Cooking. It was a chance to catch up with her and as usual, she made me laugh A LOT. I did write a blog post about this so go on over to read all about it.

4. The North West Bloggers Meet Up


If you haven’t heard about this, you’ve either been living under a rock or you haven’t been reading my blog because I’ve been posting about it A LOT. Basically, in March around twenty North West bloggers got together in one place – ate very sweet cupcakes, drank cocktails (minus me) and chatted for two and a bit hours. I did blog about it, of course so go over and read that! That’s Emma and I, FYI..

5. The Long Easter Weekend


FOUR DAY WEEKENDS ARE MY FAVOURITE. Easter was upon us during the beginning of April and for me, it was the perfect time to switch off and relax with my family. I had no wifi so I wasn’t tweeting and you know what? I didn’t miss it. Not once did I think about Twitter and it was glorious to switch off and take a breather in the real world. Of course, this long weekend meant more walks with Merf which he didn’t complain about. We discovered a new route which he was really pleased about and just look at the view! It’s beautiful (minus the stench of cabbages).

6. Blogger Inspiration


The blogging community is a great way to become inspired and boost confidence. Whether that’s from Ella liking your Instagram picture or from a fellow blogger such as Anna inspiring you to clean out your cupboards. It’s the little things that give us a big smile on our faces.

7. Eating Healthy


Jessie inspired me during Easter to get back into shape, lose my Christmas weight yet attempt to keep my Kardashian booty. Smoothies are the best way to make sure you’re getting your 5 a day and it’s a more fun than just eating an apple. I’ve surprisingly kept to this healthy eating malarky. No chocolate, no crisps, no fizzy drinks all since Monday 6th (April). It may not be a long time but for me, it’s a little mile stone. I’ll be posting some smoothie recipes very soon..

8. 2015 Scrapbook


The following statement is a little embarrassing: I started my 2015 scrapbook in March. Oops. Although, I did have every intention of starting it in January but life got in the way. I got the idea from Lily Pebbles when she spoke about Project Life – now, that’s on the expensive side and I’ve literally done it super duper cheap. 50p white pad from ASDA, glue stick from years ago, scissors from Christmas and a pot of coloured pens from the meetup. I will show you my scrapbook, but only once it’s complete..

9. Meeting Shayne Ward


WHAT IS LIFE? I’m still in awe of meeting this incredible man. I won’t waffle on for too long because I did a full blog post about the other week. But what I will say is that he’s extremely talented and he deserves all the support in the world for his new album.

10. Brunch In Liverpool


On Sunday, I met up with two bloggers in Liverpool and we had the most amazing food in Moose. I absolutely love seeing people who I’ve become close to through the power of Social Media and blogging in particular. I won’t go into too much detail as a full blog post is coming!

I hope you enjoyed the second instalment. I’ll always link the previous ones below in case you missed those. Let me know in the comments below what you enjoyed during March & April and I will see you in June for another Every Two Months Monthly Favourites. 

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EL xx