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Mink & Stone are a unique jewellery brand and they contacted me after I requested to work with them via. The Blogger Hub. The best part about it is that YOU design the piece which range from short necklaces to long necklaces or even bracelets like I chose.

*Disclaimer: Mink & Stone have sent the product for review but my opinion is 100% my own. 





Preciosa Pressed Glass Bracelet – “Mint Simplicity”


I have a lot of necklaces so I opted to design a bracelet instead. I love wearing light green colours during, well pretty much any season and I thought of how I like to keep things simple. The designing part of the website is really easy and straightforward. What I really like about the entire process is that it tells you how much the item is as you’re going along. For example; the bracelet with nothing on is £3 and as you add beads, the price goes up.

I decided to go for white beads with three bigger mint beads. It’s simple but it’s effective and will go with a lot of items of clothing. I’m so happy with the finished product.

Overall, I have no faults with Mink & Stone. They tag you in Instagram/Twitter pictures when your design has been made and ready to send to you. I can fully recommend them to you if you’re looking for something really unique for yourself, for a family member or a friend.

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