Q&A With Chick Lit Author Paige Toon

It’s safe to say that Paige Toon is one of the best Chick-Lit authors in the country; with eleven books (and counting), book bloggers and readers are desperate to know what she’s writing next. Paige is a firm favourite of mine and with the news of not one, but two new books coming our way in May and July – I had to have the bestselling author on my blog to talk about both of her new books. In this interview, we’re talking about her first upcoming release; The Sun In Her Eyes.

Q. Your new Chick-Lit book begins with a car crash when the main character Amber is only three years old – what made you start the narrative off with a bang?
A. The idea for the Prologue came out of a conversation with my agent, although I’d been toying with the idea of Amber, Ned and Ethan for about a year prior to that. I couldn’t stop thinking about what the mother’s last words would be, and when it finally hit me, everything else slammed into place.

Q. Devoted readers and your Twitter followers will know that you love Australia and half of your new book is set there; what made you want to place your characters there?
A. Almost the entire book is set in Adelaide, South Australia. I have a strong connection to the Adelaide Hills because it was where I grew up, but there are also links to Pictures of Lily in this book, and it’s set around a winery, which is what South Australia is famous for!

Q. There seems to be a fair amount of mystery within the narrative; was that fun to write?
A. So much fun! I felt so connected to the writing of this book that everything just flowed so easily. I didn’t have to overthink it.

Paige Toon & Emma

Q. Our main character in this book is Amber – what can you tell us about her?
A. She’s feisty! She’s had a bit of a tough year with her husband, Ned, and when she leaves him behind to go back to Australia after her dad has a stroke, she really lets off steam. Her behaviour really annoys her dad’s partner, Liz, just like it used to when Amber was a teenager.

Q. You’re well known for creating characters (and plots) which really draw readers in. What do you enjoy the most about writing?
A. Losing myself in the story. Getting to act out a part inside my head. It’s so much fun!

Q. Johnny and Leo are quite possibly your hottest male characters so far. Ned is the man in The Sun In Her Eyes.. Is he as hot and gorgeous as the others?
A. You don’t really see much of Ned to begin with – it’s all about Ethan, and he is Hot. As. Hell. I loved him.

Q. I always ask you this; what is your favourite line from the book?
A. “Oh, I’m in trouble. I’m in trouble, big time.”

Leah from @leahlovesbooks_ asks:

Q. The Sun In Her Eyes sounds more serious than your other ones, do you feel the same way and if so, what prompted the change in direction?
A. There are definitely darker elements in this book, which I was really drawn to writing. But ultimately it still has everything you’d expect from me: a sunny location, extremely hot men, and the feeling of falling head over heels in dangerously elicit love.

The Sun In Her Eyes is out on the 21st May – preorder your copy NOW!

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