Films I’ve Watched Recently #2



I’m back with another edition of Films I’ve Watched Recently and if you saw the first, then you’ll know that my love of films came way before I decided to study them at University. So, what have I seen recently? Well lets kick start things with some action..

FILM #1 – Fast & Furious 7

I’m a girl who LOVES action films – the more car crashes, fist fights and spectacular CGI (computer generated imagery), the better! My Dad and I really enjoy the Fast & Furious films and since the fifth one came out, its become a little tradition of ours to head to the cinema to indulge in Vin Diesel and the gang.

From the very beginning, the action was there. Jason Statham was the baddie and he played it SO well. The ride-or-die family are certainly stronger than ever and when vengeance hits their beloved home, all hell breaks loose and it quickly becomes a personal battle between Jason and Vin (which I loved – the more muscle, the better!).

Now, here comes the warning: you will cry. The ending is unlike any other F&F ending before. There’s a big battle and that comes with a lot of shock – everyone in the cinema held their breath and was like “is this how the F&F series will end?” But.. I’m not spoiling it for you. I will say that you may cry, I certainly did and at the end, my Dad started to clap. Paul Walker is amazing throughout the film and with the very clever team, he’s in it all the time. I believed his brother would be there but they’ve been sneaky (in a good way) of how they’ve included him. The very last scene – OHMYGODTHETEARS. I just can’t. Thank Max Factor for waterproof mascara. If this is the end of F&F, then they’d gone out beautifully and with a lot of brotherly respect for Paul Walker. I was unsure whether the film would be dedicated to him, but at the end, there’s something for him.

FILM #2 – Toy Story 3 

I looked after my eldest nephew Ollie for a few hours one Sunday afternoon in April and he’s completely obsessed with Toy Story – he’s seen all three, numerous times but on that particular day, he asked for the third. Now, I saw this in the cinema and I was the only person not to cry. I do have a heart – I cried at Fast & Furious 7. I just didn’t find it remotely sad – the toys were going to a new home where they’d be looked after. I just didn’t fully understand the crying emotion within the film. The way Ollie says Buzz is utterly cute. If he wants to watch it on repeat all day, then that’s what we’ll do.

FILM #3 – Big Hero 6

When Ollie wasn’t lucky (naughty Aunty Emma), his Dad switched over to Big Hero 6 for me after we’d been discussing it. When I went to watch Into The Woods in January, this was one of the trailers and I howled with laughter. I didn’t get to watch it properly because Ollie was faffing around but the bits that I did see, I loved and it’s very easy to work out what’s going on and what has happened. It’s great to curl up to on a Sunday afternoon – with or without the nephew!

FILM #4 – Once Upon A Time

So, I’m cheating here a little bit a lot because this isn’t a film, it’s a TV show which I’m completely addicted to. Since Pretty Little Liars ended it’s fifth season, I need something to binge on while I wait for S6 to start in June and Rihanna mentioned Once Upon A Time to me. Now, it takes a few episodes to truly get into but I’m really loving it.

If you’re unsure of what it is, I’ll explain: a fairytale world has been put into reality without anyone remembering minus one person and with the help of a cute little boy, peace is attempted to be restored. I’ve been watching it online and I’m hooked. Even my Dad has commented a few times and there are some familiar faces – Jamie Dorman (murderer in The Fall), Julian Morris (Wren from Pretty Little Liars) and Ginnifer Goodwin (Something Borrowed).

I’m hooked. That is all.

Which films/TV shows have you been watching recently? 

EL xx