Review of Catch Me If You Cannes (Pt2) by Lisa Dickenson


Published:  11th May 2015
Little Brown
Pages: 54


Jess had been feeling on top of the world – she’d had the best night out with Bryony, making lots of fabulous new friends, and she’d MET A BOY! Now, all of a sudden, her carefully constructed (if slightly exaggerated) facade is about to come tumbling down. She’s had a taste of how the other half live and she’s not ready to give it up just yet – especially if it means also giving up Leo. But how long can Jess and Bryony continue pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes before they’re in too deep?


Thank you to Little Brown for kindly sending me a review copy. As part of the blog tour which I’m a part of, I’m reviewing Lisa’s book in four parts. See part 3 on the 20th and part 4 on the 27th.

Two simple words kick off the second part perfectly; Danny DeVito. Now, he doesn’t make a cameo, well kind of, not really.. But it’s certainly a hilarious opener! Jess and Bryony really prove that they work really well together and in awkward situations, they make me howl with laughter. The plot opening with the hotel went far too quickly for my liking – I wanted the scenes to be much longer rather than short snippets.

“I got voted most smiley at school you know.”

I warmed towards Richard (one of the posh friends) more than I thought I would. I honestly believed he would be a real dingbat but surprisingly not as he was nice to Jess in a time of need and I really admired that about him. Word to the wise: Don’t judge a character before you get to know them! The progression of the second part went a lot slower than the first and I really hoped part three would be more fast and furious than slow and steady wins the race. The writing was fantastic but it need a kick up the bum!

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