The Red Lip: Lipgloss vs. Lipstick


Hello Beauty Lovers,

Today, I wanted to bring you a different kind of beauty post, one which I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time but kept forgetting. I like to keep my makeup simple and I have my own look which you can have a nosy at on my daily makeup routine but for now, lets talk LIPS.

Ask yourself the question: lipgloss or lipstick? The female population are divided. There are pros and cons for each and I’m narrowing it down to my favourite.

*Disclaimer: This is just for a post for fun. The second product was sent to me but not via the company so no review is necessary. Yet I’ve kind of reviewed it anyway…

The Lipgloss





This is my holy grail red lip product and no surprise, it’s from Max Factor. I talk about this an awful lot when beauty bloggers ask for a long lasting red lip item. My Mum gave this to me many years ago and it’s still going strong. I should probably get a new one but it’s nowhere near empty. The shade is Captivating Ruby and you can see me wearing it here.

The Pros: 

It’s shiny. HELLO MAGPIES. Joke.

It’s easy to apply (do use a mirror and a lip liner tho!)

They range in colours from red to purple to nude

They give your lips that fuller look

The Cons:

The hair in the lipgloss when it’s windy. Enough said.

Oh and it’s sticky.

My Thoughts:

I love lipgloss but this is the only one I own. When I go into Boots/Superdrug, I always go for the lipsticks. Back in my teenage days, I was obsessed with lipgloss and had every shade as it was the only makeup product I wore. Keepin’ it simple 2k3. This Max Factor lipgloss is amazing. It truly is my holy grail and I can wear it day or night. Winner winner chicken dinner.

The Lipstick 





I’ve never owned a red lipstick before. Never. This is my first one and it was sent to me along with a cracking good book. I’ve worn this lipstick once and I wasn’t a fan at all. To top it all off – it took FOREVER to get it off. The shade is Red Hot and it doesn’t make me feel hot, but it does make me look red. Red from scrubbing it off. I’m actually scared to wear a red lipstick and I tend to avoid the colour when I browse the selection. No thank you. Not for me.

The Pros:

If you want to wear a red lip all day long, this has super powers. It won’t budge.

It looks sophisticated so if you’ve got a job interview coming up, whack it on!

SOME lipsticks come with even more super powers and can be good for your lips.

The range of colours is AMAZING.

The Cons:

This won’t budge. Win lose situation.

It doesn’t look good on dry lips like lipgloss does.

It can get on your teeth and that’s never good!

It can nudge. On your chin. On your cheeks. On your nose.

Overall Verdict:

I love lipgloss for red lips but with pinks/nudes, I’m a lipstick girl. So… BOTH!

Which do you prefer – lipgloss or lipstick? Let me know in the comments below and if you want to see more of my collection, here’s a blog post

EL xx