Mascara Magic: W7, Benefit & Max Factor


Hello Beauty Lovers,

I really love writing beauty blog posts. It used to be out of my comfort zone back in December when I first began but now, I absolutely love them and they’re one of my favourites to write. As you will have seen from the past two days, I’ve been doing little comparison posts: lipgloss vs. lipstick and Rimmel vs. Collection (stay tuned). So today, I bring you the mascara version!

*Disclaimer: Both W7 and Max Factor sent these products for review. But this is just a blog post for fun. You can find all the links below. 

W7 – Absolutely Lashes




The Absolute Lashes mascara is absolutely brilliant. My friend and fellow blogger Emma raves about it just as much as I do and rightly so. This is the type of mascara which really benefits your lashes when you go the previous day without any makeup. If I’m doing out with friends, this is is the one which I reach for in my makeup bag.


Applies very easily with no excess clumps around the wand

Separates your lashes

Gives the full lash effect


I need another

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Benefit – Roller Lash



I’m not one of those people who buys a product because it’s the latest craze. Well, I wasn’t until I picked up a copy of Elle Magazine purely for the mascara sample. Whoops. This is a lot like the W7 mascara in terms of working to its advantages when you don’t wear makeup the previous day which is a shame because it shouldn’t work like that.


Bendy wand applicator allows more a curve, longer look to lashes

Cute, attractive packaging


Isn’t all that great for smaller, hard to reach lashes like my little ones.

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Max Factor – Masterpiece




This truly is my holy grail, everyday mascara. I absolutely adore it from the wand applicator to the packaging and the price.


Twisted wand applicator for numerous benefits

Heavenly packaging

Perfect for everyday applicator


None. I literally can’t find fault.

Full Blog Post Review.

Overall, these are three mascaras which I use on a weekly basis. The Max Factor one is perfect for everyday whether you’re wanting the full lash effect or not because it works both ways. The Benefit and W7 mascara are ideal for the fake lash effect. No complaints about any of these and seeing as my lashes were used to Natural Collection mascara, these three are a lovely change.

Which mascara do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx