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By now you will have seen my lipstick and jewellery collection, but now it’s eyeshadow time! I don’t own a great range of eyeshadows and right now, I’m super happy with the ones which I do have. I don’t use every single one but I’m slowly becoming adventurous with them. I’m going to discuss the singular ones first before the palettes..

*Disclaimer: This post is just for fun. I did a full review of the W7 palette






The term ‘holy grail’ is used far too much on my blog but they are the products which I truly love and truly on every single day. I’ve been using MAC since I was about eighteen and the era eyeshadow was the very first thing I purchased from the store. The eyeshadows cost £13 and that is a price I am willingly to pay time and time again.

With MAC eyeshadows, they’re highly pigmented yet very easy to blend. Era is a soft brown shade which looks fantastic with brown eyes and liquid eyeliner. I’ve had this exact eyeshadow for two years now and I’m yet to hit pan. I use it as a base or on it’s own.

MakeUp Academy





MUA are cheap, affordable and very, very, very good with their products. This is the only eyeshadow I have purchased from them but it won’t be the last. This shade is Copper and matches really well with the MAC eyeshadow. I’m not brave enough to have this all over my lid but it does ok in the crease especially if you’ve got a big eyeshadow brush to blend with.

With MUA eyeshadows, they’re £1 and they range from so many different colours from my own Copper to Misty Rose to Oyster. I have the brand called ‘Pearl Eyeshadow’ which have a touch of glitter running throughout and then you can also find a few Matte ones as well.





Sunkissed are a brand who I rambled stumbled across while in a cheap bargain shop. They’re not just about the fake tan and I was really surprised at this palette. My personal favourite is the one in the top right where I’ve swatched for you. There are no names which is the only downfall but this is ideal for someone who is experimenting with makeup.

The palette stands at £2.99 but I only paid £1 in the shop – WOOP! I don’t like all of the colours but I’m tempting myself everyday. When in doubt, blend it out.

MakeUp Academy 





12 eyeshadows palettes are really beneficial and when they’re £4 from MUA, it’s a win-win situation. I’m not entirely sure why the product is called Heaven & Earth because they’re no greens or blues but that’s ok! I really like how all the eyeshadows have names and can be found on the back.

The palette is a real mixture of mattes and glitters. I don’t use them all but I intend to at some point. The one I’m showing on the brush is a gorgeous gold colouring – one which I already use a lot but must save for Christmas time. All of these colours are really easy to blend and if you mixed any together, it would look good.







W7 very kindly sent me the In The Night palette a while ago and ever since, I’ve been using it so softer evening makeup. The 12 eyeshadows were inspired by the violet colour spectrum and for brown eyes like mine, it a winner. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers use this palette purely for night time purposes but with the light purple shades, it’s also really good for day time.

The eyeshadow I’ve swatched on the brush for you is one I can’t stop wearing. Now that it’s Spring and as  we’re going in Summer, this is a fresh change from my regular everyday makeup. W7 aren’t on the high street which is an absolute shame but you can buy them from a selection of stores so make sure you check on their website.

Which eyeshadows do you love? Let me know in the comments below.

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