Review of MooGoo SkinCare Treatments


Good morning everyone, 

The wonderful people over at MooGoo SkinCare very kindly sent me a selection of their products – they even asked which ones I would like to try. How kind of them! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers talking about them especially Rhianna and Emma so do have a nosy on their blogs about their thoughts.

*Disclaimer: These products have been sent for review and my opinions are my own. 

Blemish Cleaning Moisturiser




The Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser is better than bleach moisturisers – you’ll be supposed by the ingredients in your products! Over a week of using, MooGoo believe that is when the results will be seen. Wash your face with a little water and apply to the face when still a little damp (both day and night). It is true what people say – you pay for what to get and with this moisturiser standing at £12.50, you can trust it completely.

I’ve been applying it to my T-zone, my cheeks and my chin where I’m most likely to get a few spots. I’ve never had acne before so I used this product purely to see what it was like on spots. On the first morning I tried it, I had a volcano of a spot on my forehead. I rubbed it just a little of the creamy substance to it and by evening, it wasn’t as obvious as it was a few hours ago.

Milk Wash



MooGoo were very kind enough to send me three samples of the Milky Wash so I could receive full benefit from the product. This product has too uses for both in the shower as a body wash and out of the shower as a facial cleanser. There isn’t a strong milky smell with this product as you may expect and I didn’t have to use my trusty Nivea pot of cream afterwards to moisturise like I using do when leaving the shower.

I’m keeping one of these samples for Winter because a lot of bloggers claim that it is ideal if you have eczema and that usually pops up on my body in Winter time due to having dry skin so if I remember, I’ll do another blog post about it.

Anti-Ageing Face Cream


I’m 24 and with my baby face, I’m not exactly in desperate need of any anti-ageing face cream but I thought I would give it a go for my under eye bags. Anti-ageing creams differ for everyone and with the power of Vitamin C, this should hopefully do the trick.

I’ve passed this product onto my Mum because with a young looking face, I really don’t need my skin looking any younger. Her thoughts were that its hard to tell whether you look younger or not. Wait until someone comments, then you’ll know for definite.

Tingling Honey Lip Balm



OH HELLO LIP GOODNESS. I have awful lips. I always have to apply vaseline a few minutes before my lipstick in order to get the non-chapped lip look. My lips tingle for about 7 minutes and at first, it’s a lemony smell but then the honey really comes through. For £3, this is utterly genius and I’m applying this pretty much every hour.

It’s also edible. EDIBLE LIP BALM YOU GUYS! Amazing. Once mine runs out, I’ll definitely be ordering two more – one for in my room and one for my handbag.

The Packaging 


The packaging from MooGoo as a whole was superb and made my experience with them even better. From the cute cow pictures to the fake straw inside the box to the white/orange combo on the products – I simply can’t fault them and they’re definitely in my skincare routine.

Have you tried MooGoo before? Let me know in the comments below. 

EL xx