My Nail Polish Collection


Happy Friday!

I may not own a lot of beauty products or jewellery or nail polish for that matter, but what I do have, I make great use of. I’m not particularly fussy but when it comes to spending money on products, I only buy things which I truly want/need. Well, sometimes.. You’re probably thinking that I have 10+ nail polishes, right? Erm.. I only have 9. But I really enjoy writing these collection posts purely for fun. I did one on jewellery, lipsticks, eyeshadows and now nail polish.

*insert nail polish emoji here*

The Clear Polish 


Whether it’s nail care, a top coat or a base coat – I do love browsing the clear polishes as much as the jazzy ones. Taking care of your nails is just as important as your hair. With plenty of milk and vitamins, they’ll grow and harden in no time.

Nail HQ: The Nail Care


I’ve never truly taken care of my cuticles. When Nail HQ kindly sent me some oil with vitamin complex (via. NW Bloggers Meet Up), I didn’t try it for a while due to the fact that my nail are pretty much always painted unless I’m waitressing. But on the rare times they’re bare (and I hate it), I rub this into my cuticles. A little does go on the skin but that’s perfectly ok. I don’t know if it’s made much difference but it’s an ok product to have in your collection.

Make Up Academy: The Top Coat



Ever wanted to know how your nail polish lasts that little bit longer and remains shiny? Top coat does just the trick. You will find that pretty much any brand does one and if they don’t, well clearly they’re not that serious about nails. I’ve used a top coat (two layers to be precise) for many years now and it really does an awful lot. This particular one from MUA is £1. Winner!

Essence: The Base Coat


Quite the opposite to the top coat; I have always just started wearing a base coat this year. Giovanna Fletcher mentioned it ages ago in one of her YouTube videos and I couldn’t find one for quite some time until I stumbled across Essence in my local Wilkinson’s. It comes in handy especially when wearing red nail polish (kind of still stains the nails). It dries very quickly and it’s reassuring to know that it’s under there; protecting your nails.

The Colours






Who says glitter is just for Christmas time? Not me! Let me have it all year round please and thank you. When I’m wearing red nails, I tend to put a coat or two of this either on my thumb or my index finger. It adds a bit of sparkle and fun to your nails. It actually looks good on top of any colour. Experiment away!

Little Ondine



If you saw my blog post about my Little Ondine nails, you’ll know that this particular one came as a duo. I wasn’t a fan of the green one which came alongside the above one and after a month or so, it dried up really quickly. It’s a shame really. But I kept this one and I tend to use it with my Essence Mint nail polish so it hasn’t gone to waste.



This was another nail polish from the NW Bloggers Meet Up and much like the Little Ondine one, I also did a post about this gorgeous moscow red. Mavala are a top nail polish brand and they’re one of my favourites! They’re around £4 for a pack of three which is amazing. One coat is all I need of  this colour (plus a top coat) and I’m ready to go.



Collection are a makeup brand who do extremely well with their concealer, eyeshadow palettes and nail polishes. This was the very first red varnish I bought and I’ve repurchased it a few times now as well as other colours in the past. It’s not as luxurious as the Mavala one but it’s a great colour to pop on when you’re wearing a simple outfit. Plus, it’s my Christmas red.

Make Up Revolution



Make Up Revolution have taken the world by storm and this was the very first item I purchased from them. It’s a light brown neutral shade and I absolutely adore it. In Autumn, this is fantastic and when I’m not sure which colour to apply next – I usually opt for this one. The price is amazing and the products are so reliable.




Out of all the nail polishes, this has to be my favourite. Mint green looks amazing in Spring and Summer. I’m basically at the end of the bottle and I’m itchy to repurchase another. If you’ve got pale or tanned hands, long or short nails, it looks incredible. Is it wrong to fangirl over a nail polish colour? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Which nail polish brands do you love? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx