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Review of SuperFruit, Popcorn & Green Mint teapigs Teas.


Good afternoon tea lovers!

I’ve teamed up with the incredible teapigs (no capital letters please!) to showcase three of their delicious teas and they very kindly let me choose which ones I wanted to taste and review so I decided on three which I wouldn’t drink on a daily basis. I actually choose the teapigs which were recommended by the website with the ‘great taste’ logo because being disappointed by tea wouldn’t be a good thing.

*Disclaimer: teapigs have kindly sent me these products for review and my opinion is 100% my own

Super Fruit







Ingredients: hibiscus, elderberry, blackcurrant, raisin, natural flavours, ligonberry, blueberry

I’m seriously impressed with this Super Fruit tea. It’s extremely tasty, full of fruit (obvs) and it’s actually good for you – THREE CALORIES YOU GUYS! I really enjoy this in the afternoon when I need a boost. The smell – let me just tell you how delicious it smells. I’ve never smelt such a powerful tea in my life. From the second you open the packet to when you add the hot water, the power of fruit is in your nostrils and it’s divine!

For 15 of these teas, they are £3.99 (from the website) which is 27p per tea!! Amazing.







I chose the popcorn tea because I watch a lot of films and TV shows on my laptop so I thought, why not? The popcorn tea isn’t as strong as the mint one but there is definitely a smell of salty popcorn floating around. I’m definitely more of a sweet popcorn kind of girl and I love that you can actually see the corn inside the tea bag. While I watched Silver Linings Playbook one evening, I opted for the popcorn tea and I’m really sad to say that it just wasn’t for me. Pass me the sweet popcorn in a cinema bag please.

Ingredients: 50% green tea, 50% toasted rice

I like how with pretty much every teapigs tea, you can turn it into iced tea by covering one tea temple with boiling water, infuse for 3 minutes, remove temple and top-up glass with iced water. I’m definitely doing this when the hot summer days arrive (if they ever do!)

For 15 of these teas, they are £4.49 (from the website) which is 30p per tea!! Wowza.

Green Tea With Mint






I’m not a minty person at all. I love After Eights but that’s about it. However, I really wanted to try them and even my Dad was looking at them! When I opened the packet, the smell of mint HIT ME in the face. Wow, that’s some strong tea! After brewing it for 4 minutes, I would not do this again because it turned out too strong for my liking so for my second one, I brewed it for something silly like 1 minute. The taste is very minty but it doesn’t leave me feeling refreshed. This is probably the tea to drink after you’ve eaten something with garlic in.

Ingredients: chunmee green tea and peppermint leaves

Just like the Super Berry tea, for 15 of these teas, they are £3.99 (from the website).

I hope you enjoyed today’s tea based blog post. The Super Berry was my absolute favourite! Have you tried any teapigs? 

EL xx


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