Review of The New Yankee Candle “Cafe Culture” Collection


Hi everyone, 

Today I’m back with another Yankee Candle blog post for you all. I loved writing and taking the photographs for the last one (go have a nosy if you haven’t already) and when they got in touch again regarding their new collection, I jumped at the chance because, lets face it – they smell amazing! The new Summer candles are Cappuccino Truffle, Tarte Tatin and Pain au Raisin. So brace yourselves because they’re pretty spectacular..

*Disclaimer: Yankee Candles have very kindly sent these for review but my opinions are 100% my own.

Pain au Raisin




If you don’t know what a Pain au Raisin is, it is basically raisin bread. Yup, that’s right. It’s commonly eaten in France – oh to be in Paris right now stuffing my face. I thought I’d clear that up because I knew what one was but I’m eat to actually eat one! Pain au Raisin (the candle) is quite a sweet smell and I can most definitely smell the raisins which I’m very happy about because I could eat them all day, every day. It’s a gorgeous light brown colour, just like the bread ought to be. There’s a strong sense of vanilla which is just my absolute favourite when it comes to candles so no complaints from me with this!

*This is the one I’ve been burning the most and it’s almost all gone!

Tarte Tain




After obsessing over Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off for the past few years, I’ve seen a lot of tarte tatin which in case you didn’t know is caramelised fruit  in an upside down pastry. In this particular candle, spices are included which I can’t smell but the apples are SO strong! This is a smell which doesn’t linger for very long but it’s one I just can’t stop sniffing. Mum, please make a tarte tatin. Thanks!

Cappuccino Truffle




If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I really don’t like coffee. I like the smell and the fact that you can get so many different variations but I just don’t like the stuff. Then, Yankee Candle send me a coffee candle and… IT IS MY FAVOURITE! There is a strong smell of coffee which I do like but there’s also a heavenly scent of chocolate mixed in there as well. I think I’ll be lightly this when I’m tempted to reach for the chocolate cupboard..

Overall, I absolutely love the new Cafe Culture collection. I think it’s cute, stylish and anyone who likes cake/afternoon tea will adore these three. You can purchase them as wax melts (can’t light) for £1.49, samples for £1.80, tealights for £6.99, small jars for £7.99, medium jars for £16.99 and large jars for £19.99. They also come in a gift set for £14.99, a small jar gift set tin for £21.99 and finally, a 6 votive gift set house for £9.99.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Which Yankee Candle is your favourite?

EL xx