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Hello beauty babes, 

Working with companies whose products I’ve never tried before is really exciting. When Dusty Girls got in touch and asked if I would like to review some products, I said yes. If you didn’t know, Dusty Girls work alongside MooGoo very closely. So close in fact, that they’re from the same herd. See what I did there? Lame, I know.

*Disclaimer: Dusty Girls have sent these products for review but my opinions are 100% my own.

“Earth Cream” Natural Tinted Cream





This isn’t a foundation and it doesn’t pretend to do the job of said product. It does however, give you some coverage as well as protection from the sun. The tiny blob on my hand – that was too much for my face and it’s known that I don’t wear foundation due to bad reactions on my face. So I was really anxious to use this product just in case it did break me out in any way. I used it mainly on my cheeks, around my nose and in my T-zone where I need a little bit of coverage. I couldn’t see the difference. In all honesty, it looked like I’d put nothing on but the redness around my nose was gone so it was doing it’s job.

What I’m about to say is not fun… I had a reaction. I wore this for a couple of hours alongside the other two products but when I applied the Earth Cream, my skin rejected it straight away. My left eye was twitching and I thought nothing of it. Perhaps it was just hay fever? After a few hours, I wanted to rip my skin off so I kind of did by removing all my makeup. You could just hear my skin sighing with relief. But sadly, when I woke up the next morning that twitching eye wouldn’t even open. I’ve had bad eye reactions before and with a hot face flannel, it was back to normal in no time.

This product just wasn’t for me which is a shame because I would love for my skin to react normally but I guess in a way, it is now normal for it to react. I can however PRAISE Dusty Girls because when I emailed them to let them know, they were so unbelievably nice about it.

*Please note that this product hasn’t gone to waste – my Mum is using it!

Fair Minerals Foundation Powder






*I did take the little white sticker off before I used – don’t worry

Before you even order this powder from Dusty Girls, you can get a free sample and in case you don’t know what shade you are, there are four simple questions to help you! Genius idea. Despite not liking foundation, this powder worked really well with my skin. Funny how it’s okay with powders but not tinted cream – UGH.

You don’t need a lot of the powder AT ALL. Oh my days. I put so much of my brush and had to tap majority of it off back onto the side. This works really well over my concealer and on my forehead where I tend to get a bit shiny, shiny. It lasted pretty much all day when I wore it for a girls trip to Liverpool. It’s not as covering as my day-to-day Natural Collection one is but it’s also very handy to pop in my handbag to touch up with.

Natural Mineral Blush







HOW PRETTY?!? Pink Ladies gives my face the perfect blush without resembling a clown. Much like the powder, you do only need a tiny bit and I think it’s seriously clever of the Dusty Girls Team to write a little how-to inside the packaging for first time blush users – above your apple cheeks but never below.

I found that this is goes really well if you want a simple Spring look – not even at all, just light and natural looking. I’ve really got into using blushers – I never used to because I was certain that I looked like a clown but in case you put too much on, put some powder over the top to calm to down rather than wiping it off and starting again. It definitely does give a flushed look as if you’ve been caught in a Winter wind.

Dusty Girls are filled to the brim with natural ingredients so there is nothing nasty going onto your skin. More of that please! They also do bronzer, mascara (can’t wait to try this!), lip gloss & shimmer, lip shine and a Kabuki brush.

Have you ever tried Dusty Girls? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx


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