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Today, I’m back with another gorgeous Max Factor post all about the colour intensifying lip balms. I’ve also done two other posts with them – mascara and creme puff blush as well as their nude lipstick so do go have a cheeky nosy at those if you have a spare moment.

*Disclaimer: Max Factor have kindly sent these products for review but my opinion is 100% my own.

Charming Coral







Coral is one of my favourite colours! My dress for my Graduation Ball was coral and I just loved the colour with my skin tone. This is the first colour lip balm from the three which I tried and upon first impressions – AMAZING. Not only does the balm give you an incredible colour, it also keeps your lips moisturised. Double win!

Posh Poppy






Posh Poppy is a heavenly red colour and if you say my Lipgloss vs. Lipstick post, you’ll know that my holy grail product is actually from Max Factor a few years ago. Amazing! With this colour, it does pull your outfit together and it doesn’t need a lot of maintain unlike red lipstick would. I have worn this many times without a red lip liner and it’s stayed on perfectly. No hassle.

Refined Rose






Refined Rose is a fantastic pink shade for the day and evening time. I found that this was the one I picked up the most because I wanted something which wasn’t more neutral like Charming Coral or too much of a pop like Posh Poppy – this is the perfect lipstick for when you can’t decide on which one to wear! On the website, it shows the lipstick as being a purple colour, but on my lips, it definitely came out as more of a soft pink shade.

Max Factor don’t just do these three colours – they are NINE in total:

  • (5) Sumptuous Candy
  • (10) Charming Coral
  • (15) Posh Poppy
  • (20) Luscious Red
  • (25) Voluptuous Pink
  • (30) Refined Rose
  • (35) Classy Cherry
  • (40) Exquisite Caramel
  • (45) Rich Chocolate

The Colour Intensifying Lip Balms really do earn a place in your make-up bag as they’re the perfect size AND they look classier than your average lip balm. So why are these so great?

  • They build colour and intensity in smooth, defined layers
  • Helps to moisturise and protect your lips from dryness
  • They’re a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel heavy
  • Gives a smooth, even finish that’s free from stickiness

What do you think of the lip balms? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Ooh I definitely need to try these, I’ve been searching for a lipbalm that has a pop of colour. Everything I’ve tried is either colourless or drying!


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