Review of The Love Shack by Jane Costello

Published: 23rd April 2015
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 484


Dan and Gemma have found their dream first home, but the asking price is the stuff of nightmares. The only way they’ll ever save enough for the deposit is by moving in, rent-free, with Dan’s mum. It’s a desperate solution, but it’s only for six months. And Gemma’s determined to make it work, no matter how bad things get. But between Dan’s mum’s kitchen karaoke, her constant innuendos, irrepressible argumentative streak and – worst of all – her ham and pineapple curries, life back at home would test the patience of two saints. Which Dan and Gemma most definitely are not. Then, as they’re trying to convince themselves it will all be worth it, Gemma’s past comes back to haunt her. And suddenly the foundations of their entire relationship are shaken to their core…


Thank you to Simon & Schuster for kindly sending me a review copy.

The Love Shack begins with a struggle – Gemma and Dan have their eye on their dream home and the only thing standing in their way is the money to buy it. SIGH. The first few chapters were really enjoyable and I whizzed through them within an hour or so. Dan and Gemma were such a brilliant couple and their individual personalities shone through – they weren’t joined at the hip and Jane portrayed them as their own person as well as a duo rather well. They were just very loveable.

“She’s come straight from work and is in heels, a suit and is carrying her ‘statement bag’ (which I’ve now learned simply means psychotically expensive).”

The narrative is extremely enjoyable; it’s the type of book that you can pick up at any point and just sink your teeth into without realising that the whole day has vanished – oops! It was rather amusing and Jane is so good at writing comedy – it’s not all the time which I liked, but the few lines here and there did make me laugh and it brought a lighter look onto the whole trying to buy a house fiasco.

Alex Monroe. The one-time love of my life.”

Leaving their flat to Dan’s Mums house was a recipe for disaster and from an arrest to quick chair sex to hospital trips, it’s safe to say that they didn’t really have the greatest of times being back at home while they saved up. Dan’s Mum, a bestselling author, was hilarious from start to finish and she had me in stitches throughout several chapters. Flirty at sixty – she’s still got it.

“Did I say spliff? I meant split, obviously.”

Jane writes with such confidence and her faith in her brilliant characters allowed me to sit back, relax and truly enjoy the book – I even forgot to jot down review notes, a book bloggers nightmare, let me tell you! I can’t express how much I just enjoyed the book and if you’re going on your jolly holiday’s anytime soon, make sure you pick this up before you go because you won’t regret it, that’s for sure!

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