Review of Four Tasty PROPERCORN Flavours



At the North West Bloggers Meet Up, we were kindly gifted a packet of PROPERCORN and my flavour was Sweet Coconut and Vanilla. Unfortunately, I can’t eat a great deal of coconut and as a reviewer, I had to be honest about it. The lovely people over at PROPERCORN said “no worries, can we send you some other flavours?” So they did.

*Disclaimer: PROPERCORN have kindly sent these products for review but my opinion is 100% my own.




Four packets are each of the five flavours were kindly sent, including the one I can’t eat but they’ve been donated to an upcoming Macmillan Coffee Morning so waste not, want not and all that jazz. I’ve reviewed the other four flavours and it was the perfect excuse to watch lots of films!

Lightly Sea Salted


SO GOOD. With 88 calories per packet, I’ll happily eat these for lunch! I’m not one of those people who adds salt to their chips because for me, extra salt ruins a meal so I was a little skeptical about trying these but holy moly, they’re so good. There isn’t a strong taste of salt and perhaps that is why I like them so much? The design on the front of the packet is really quite clever and adds to the Lightly Sea Salted eating experience.

Sweet & Salty


CINEMA GOODNESS. Fed up of paying a stupid amount of £ for a bucket of popcorn? Well, you’ll like this quite a lot because not only do Sweet & Salty smell like the cinema, they also taste like their popcorn as well and they’re better for your purse/wallet. For me, they were more sweet than salty but you could easily mix them with the Lightly Sea Salted ones if you’re watching a long film. I’m going to save a packet for when I go to see the new James Bond film – can’t wait.

Sour Cream & Black Pepper


ONCE YOU POP, YOU CANNOT STOP. I really, really like the Sour Cream pringles, you know which ones I mean, right? So when PROPERCORN sent me Sour Cream & Black Pepper popcorn, I was eager to try it. The flavour of the Sour Cream comes through straight away but then I was left with an aftertaste of black pepper which I wasn’t a particular fan of. I think I’ll stick to the pringles for now..

Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato


TOO HOT. HOT DAMN. Name that tune. Literally, too much for me. I’m such a simple eater – no spices, no peppers, no hot sauces – purely because my body reacts to it. The smell of these is incredible but they taste just a bit too much fiery for me but on the plus side, I finally know what Worcester Sauce tastes like!

Have you tried PROPERCORN before? 

EL xx