Review of The Sun In Her Eyes by Paige Toon

Published: 21st May 2015

Simon & Schuster
Pages: 400


Amber was three when a car crash stole her mother’s life. She doesn’t remember the accident, but a stranger at the scene has been unable to forget. Now, almost thirty years later, she’s trying to track Amber down. Amber, meanwhile, is married to Ned and living on the other side of the world in London. When her father has a stroke, she flies straight home to Australia to be with him. Away from her husband, Amber finds comfort in her oldest friends, but her feelings for Ethan, the gorgeous, green-eyed man she once fell for, have never been platonic. As Ethan and Amber grow closer, married life in London feels far away. Then Amber receives a letter that changes everything…


Thank you very much to Simon & Schuster for kindly sending me a review copy. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Paige is my favourite author besides JK Rowling and Nicholas Sparks so when a cheeky copy was popped in the post for me, squeals of joy were heard all over the house. I’ve calmed down now, just about..

The Sun In Her Eyes opens with a prologue of a promise which has yet to be filled. Doris knew Amber when she was three, she’s the reason her mother passed away in a car accident and now it’s time to tell Amber the message. Instantly mesmerised in the scene with Paige’s descriptive language converting readers from Doris’ current state of mind to her remembering the accident.

“My first thought was to pour a glass of water over his head, my second was that it might ruin our brown-suede sofa, so I resisted.”

Amber isn’t having the best of days; her husband was out with his flirty female boss, he stinks of booze and alcohol and her neighbour has shouted at her. Oh and not to forget the worse – she’s been made redundant whilst having frizzy hair. Very quickly, her world changes – she goes from being in her flat with her husband Ned in London to flying across the world to Australia in order to be with her father at a crucial time. I really love how Paige doesn’t wait around for the drama, she brings it onto the characters thick and fast which allowed me to sink into the narrative even more. Ethan sounded like an absolute dream of a man when Amber first mentioned him and the anticipation of seeing him again was electric. Paige had made it obvious that Amber still had feelings for Ethan, despite being married to Ned and even after all this time. What to do when true love comes knocking?

“He really has no idea of the effect he has on me. He never has.”

Ethan is everything a Paige Toon male character ought to be: incredibly good-looking, motivated, charming, successful and doing what makes them happy. He really was a dream to read about and when Amber saw him again, their conversation just clicked. It was as if I’d known them for absolute years and I was just simply spying on two old friends having a catch up.

“Even in my drunken state, I’m profoundly aware that what has just been said can never be taken back.”

It’s hard to forget that Amber is in Australia purely for six weeks in order to help her Dad and his rather annoying other half. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and with Paige’s easy flow of spectacular words, I felt right at home in sunny Down Under. Despite Amber and Ethan taking control of the plot, we do hear from Doris just before the middle of the book. I really, really liked this idea. It allowed the readers to continue thinking of this mystery whilst being heavily involved in a crazy love story. At the beginning, readers don’t know a lot about the car crash and I liked the fact that Paige gave us a little insight to what happened every now and then; it was a refreshing twist on the event.

“The woman’s face was deathly white, her lips and hands cold and shaking as Doris begged her to conserve her energy.”

The tension and dramatic events which lead up to the end are spectacular. Amber and Ethan discover something that neither of them were expecting or wanting for that matter. Yikes! The two of them as main characters were so utterly brilliant to read about. I dove head first into their world, their friendship and I didn’t want them to be driven apart like they were all those years ago. We’ve had unexpected life changes in Paige’s books before but never the less, I really did enjoy this twist of their lives. What’s next for the best friends?

“You’ve already told me what you want. You want me to kill it.”

When the time comes for Amber and Doris to meet, I was a little nervous for them both. Clearly whatever message needed to be passed on was going to change their lives in some way – was it a good thing or a bad thing? I like how Paige allowed Doris to have her own point of view chapters (only two or three) as it was purely Amber who we heard from; it gave a sense of newness, excitement and finally, we were going to uncover what happened. What readers are told was not what I expected at all and in reality, it fitted in very nicely with the plot and allowed little pieces to be put together.

“I’ve always felt guilty about leaving you.”

The ending wasn’t what I thought it would be at all and I’m kind of pleased that Paige didn’t go down the obvious route which readers may have expected. From her divine descriptions of Australia and London to her captivating characters to the heartwarming plot, this is my favourite book of the Summer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Amber; she was such a magnificently complex character who didn’t always know what she wanted in life but that’s why I was able to relate to her so much and I’m sure other readers will as well. Yet again, Paige has written another bestselling Chick Lit book and is it any wonder she’s my favourite author?

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