11 Reasons Why Being A Book Blogger Is Great



I wanted to finish this week’s set of posts off with something fun – you guys know I enjoy mixing my blog up between books, lifestyle and beauty. I’ve always been about the books and this blog will try to accommodate as many as possible for YOUR enjoyment so please do bear with me on reviews/interviews etc. Now that’s out of the way, time for something fun and I’ve never seen a post like this before – I bet there’s some floating around so if you know of any, do link them in the comments for others to see.

So why is being a book blogger so great? 

1. You get to read, A LOT

2. Authors really care about your opinions

3. People come to you when they need a recommendation

4. You are sent early review copies

5. Authors allow you to interview them and you can ask anything

Paige Toon & Emma

Oh hi, Paige Toon 

6. It’s acceptable to take a book with you at all times (even to the bathroom)

7. You get excited when someone buys your favourite book in Waterstones

8. Authors follow you on Twitter

9. It’s perfectly okay to analysis a book for hours on end

10. The author knows who you are when you see them at signings

11. Your opinion matters

Are you a book blogger or do you just love to read?

EL xx