Celebrate Father’s Day With Bakerdays!


Happy Fathers Day!

I bet you weren’t expecting a cheeky Sunday post from me, right? Well in the spirit of Father’s Day, Bakerdays got in touch with me in mid-May to see if I would like to celebrate the special day with one of their personalised cakes for my Dad. Now, who on earth would turn down free cake? Not me, that’s for sure! They very kindly let me choose which design I wanted and they even added a little something special for my Dad.

*Disclaimer: Bakerdays have kindly sent this product for review but all opinions are my own. 





Your personalised cake comes in a gorgeous tin, complete with balloons, candles and one of those party things that makes a lot of noise – what are they called? I really like the fact that they added these to my cake because it gives off more of a celebration feel. But what are you supposed to sing on Father’s Day? Happy Father’s Day to you…








I opted for a football personalised cake, simply because my Dad is obsessed with football and because of our joint love for the sport, we’re super close and he’s literally my best pal. Bakerdays doesn’t just stop at Father’s Day Cakes, they do ones for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrity faces (oh hello Daniel Radcliffe), christening, holy communion, One Direction (with or without Zayn, that’s the question) and so many more.

The cakes are well detailed from footballers around the edge to on the top of the cake. As you’ve probably worked out by now, we support Manchester United so a cheeky #mufc was a necessary mark that just had to make it. This cake which I have is classed as ‘Letterbox’ one and it stands at £14.99 plus if you order a week in advance, you get free delivery. Now, everyone loves free P&P, right?





If you want something a little different, Bakerdays don’t just do the regular cakes, they also do cupcakes as well as photo cakes. Amazing! I love how they have so much choice.

I hope that wherever you are in the world, especially the UK that you’re enjoying Father’s Day with your Pops. I’m off to tuck into some cake!

EL xx