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Hello you lovely lot, 

Recently, I’ve been branching out a little bit into fashion. Don’t expect them on a weekly basis but every now and then won’t be of any harm. When I was in Liverpool in late April with Emma and Sophie for brunch, Emma and I popped into Primark on our way back to the station. I love wearing rings and I feel naked without one on my right hand these days. Dorothy Perkins do a fantasy selection but I fancied some new silver ones so of course, Primark was the place!



This ring is very, very simple. It’s plain, its simple and there is no design on it. I like that about it and I thought that this may be the one of the pack which I threw away but no, it’s still in my little ring holder which is actually a flower candle holder. I think if you’ve got a detailed outfit on, this would give it the final touch.



The very first ring I bought was a leaf one and still to this day, it’s my absolute favourite one. There’s no real meaning behind enjoying a leaf ring – it just looks good on my finger and I enjoy wearing it. Simple as.



I find rings like this super cheesy. Who would want a LOVE ring? Not me, right? WRONG. Well, sort of. I think it is kind of tacky but to my surprise, it looks good. This is definitely a ring I would wear whilst being at a wedding or a family event.



Out of all the rings, this is probably my favourite. It’s cute, it’s girly and it’s a bow. I’ve seen a lot of these in shops such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look and Forever 21 but they’ve all been in gold and I really wanted it in silver. THE GODS OF JEWELLERY HAVE ANSWERED MY PRAYS.



Ladies, if he’s not going to put a ring on it then you should. I’ve never really owned a diamond ring and this is far from it but it’s as close as I’ll get to it right now. It’s a bit of bling without the huge price tag.

I’m seriously happy with these five rings and for £1 for all of them, you really can’t go wrong. I hope my fingers don’t go green! Have you any Primark jewellery? 

EL xx


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