May & June Favourites


Hello you lovely lot,

When I created my every-two-months-monthly-favourites, I told myself that it would be a great way to think of the positive things which have happened in the past two months but truth be told, May & June have been heartbreaking. I’m not going into a lot of detail because it’s a personal family matter but it’s one of those things which is happening and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel. Right now, I’m just numb and what makes it even more upsetting is when your so-called friends aren’t there to support you but realising who your true friends are is nice.

SO, enough of that little heart-to-heart and on with the positives.

1. Oliver Turned Two

I swear my nephews will always somehow feature in these posts – but when they’re super cute, it’s hard not to right? Ollie turned 2 at the beginning of May – he had his present for his flight to Orlando a few weeks before but he was quite excited to see that Aunty Emma had bought him everything to do with Thomas The Tank Engine.

2. Ben Said…

Let’s get my nephews out of the way – Ha! Ben is now one and his speech is coming along really well so on the day they got back from Orlando, I said ‘owl’ to Ollie and Ben randomly picked it up and copied. HE SAID MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL. That’s definitely a favourite.

3. Meeting Laura & Katie


Meeting new bloggers in the North West area was one of my 2015 Blog Resolutions and 6 months later, I’ve met so many more. Katie and I (above) went into Wigan for a day of shopping and let me tell you, she’s hilarious. A week or so later, I met Laura for breakfast at Bills in Liverpool and after all the family stuff, it’s nice to have new friendly faces being supportive no matter how long they’ve known me.

4. Birmingham BBC Flower & Food Show


What a day this was! It was insanely busy at the Saturday show of the BBC Flower & Food Show but it was really worth the two and a bit hour trip (we got lost)… I’ve never been before so I didn’t really know what to expect and I certainly didn’t expect to see one of the Pulsin team members who I’ve worked with – now, that was lovely. I have, of course, waffled about this in a blog post. I also bought £50 worth of makeup for 10 POUNDS.. Insane.

5. Going Blonder


OBSESSED. I’m actually in love with my own hair – how sad? I went ombre in September and I’ve been in two minds whether to go blonder or go back to having a bob. Decisions, decisions. For now – I’m blonder and the plan is to completely grow my hair down to my bum, chop it off and give it to children who truly need it more than me. It’ll take a good year or so, but my god, it’ll be worth it.

6. Photography


Which blogger doesn’t like taking decent pictures, right? Recently, I’ve really loved taking PROPER photographs on a real camera rather than my iPhone. It’s just nice to be able to teach myself and experiment. I’ll keep you posted on whether I do a course or not, but it’s just something I’m really, really, really enjoying.

7. Merf 


This little fella is 1 in July and he’s been an absolute dream these past few months. He’s learnt to give his paw, to bark when someone knocks on the door, to FINALLY drop the ball as well as coming back to me when he’s off the lead. Border Collie’s are a lot of work but he’s a little babe. So many of you ask me about him and well, I thought I’d update you. He kept up to my room the other Saturday evening and gave me a cuddle without me even asking. I can’t believe how big he’s become.

8. Pretty Little Liars

The bitches are back and so is A aka. Charles aka. who the hell is he? It’s been SUCH a great few episodes of S6 and I just can’t stop waiting for Wednesday to hurry up.

9. “I’m A Blogger.’

Someone at work emailed me and on the bottom of my replies is my Social Media info and my blog link. I wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest when news spread quickly and even a handful of the girls asked me for my URL. So hello, if you’re reading this.

10. Meeting Giovanna Fletcher

photo (4)

I’ve saved this to last because it’s pretty wonderful. Gi and I have been talking via. Twitter DM’s for well over a year now and she’s absolutely lovely. She came to Liverpool for a book signing and of course, I went along with her books and had a chat with her. You can read ALL about the evening here.

What have you been loving recently?

EL xx


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