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Hi everyone,

Lovethymakeup recently got in touch with me last month about one of their brands; Technic who I love and who have featured on my Lipstick Collection post. They very kindly sent me a bunch of goodies to try out, show you guys and continue to use – obviously. The only shop I know that sells Technic Cosmetics is Body Care – so if you do know of any other places, please comment with them below!

*Disclaimer: Lovethymakeup have kindly sent me these products for review but my opinions are 100% my own.

Bronze Eyeshadow Palette



When I opened the package and saw this BEAUTY of a palette, I could have cried. For £1.49, it truly is incredible. The colours are so unbelievably easy to blend and they work very, very, very well together. I kind of wanted to do a mini tutorial to show you all which colours I like to use etc and that goes along side with the Slanted Eyeshadow Brush (below). This bronze ombre palette is heavenly – with colours ranging from a light pale to subtle honey colours to the divine chocolate brown – there is a shade for everyone and of course, if you’ve got brown eyes like I do; it’s perfection. The only aspect I would include is names of the colours because it makes it a bit more exciting, right?





The colours which I’ve shown you in order are exactly what I used on my eyes. For the base, I use the top colour and I found that a little truly does go along way. I really like blending this is by itself before adding any others. The second colour, I used in my crease for a bit of a golden effect and then I added a really small touch of the rose pink right near my pupil. Ta-da!



Slanted Eyeshadow Brush



When I first got into makeup around the age of 16, brushes were a whole new world and with thanks to becoming a beauty blogger, I’ve seen which ones work for me and which don’t. The high street ones such as Technic and Avon are my absolute favourite. I used this slanted (not angled!) brush for the two final colours on my eyes and it’s a dream to work with – so easy, no fuss and it’s £2.99. I’m loving the colour of it as well.

Lash Goddess – No Available Link, Sorry!




Firstly, I am sorry that I don’t have a link for you all to have a nosy at on the website but I searched high and low to find nothing on the website – if you find it, please let me know! There are SO many mascaras out there and sometimes, you find the perfect one for you and sometimes, you don’t. I’m having a love/hate relationship with the Lash Goddess mascara at the moment – I’ll be honest. After one coat, it just looks like I haven’t applied any which is a little annoying but if you happen to pick it up, give it about three coats and you’ll get there. The curve of the brush is like no other that I’ve seen before – it’s unique but it didn’t really do a great deal to my lashes.




Lipstick With Added Vitamin E



These lipsticks are an absolute godsend! Not only are the colours beautiful but they’re so moisturising with the added Vitamin E for £1.99. I love the fact that this shade ‘Heartbeat’ isn’t overpowering at all and with a simple lip liner and brush, you can make it as simple or as bold as YOU like.




Tip Top Nail Tips



False nails and I aren’t friends. We never have been and we probably never will be, which is rubbish because I really do like the colour of these hot pink ones! Why don’t we get on? They’ve ruined my nails in the past (not Technic ones!) and I’ve vowed to stick to nail polish only. Plus, when you work with food like I do, it’s a big no no. I really like how these are £2.99 and you get SO much variety in nail size with them, plus glue as well as a file. Win win!




One Step Gel Nail Polish



Oh hello red nail polish heaven – how are you? THIS COLOUR IS SO PRETTY! It literally is the colour of a post box and that’s rather funky in my books. Now, this is either £4.99 or £1.25 – I’m thinking the latter because mine didn’t come in a snazzy box like it does on the website but there’s a crazy amount of colour variety and they’re seriously good. I do highly recommend that if you wear red nail polish to put a bottom coat on for protection because it tends to damage the colour of your nails – this goes for all brands, not just Technic.


How gorgeous are these products? Have you tried Technic before? 

EL xx


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