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On 30th January 2014, Paige Toon published her very first Young Adult book based around Jessie Jefferson, the daughter of Johnny from Johnny Be Good and Baby Be Mine. Readers weren’t sure what to make of the news at first but with 144 five star reviews on Amazon, I think it’s safe to say that Paige’s very loyal fans would really absolutely anything of hers. With I Knew You Were Trouble set for a late July publication date, readers can look forward to finding more about Jessie and her new relationship with her Dad.

Q. The previous Jessie book left with a slight cliff hanger; where does the plot pick up in this new book?
A. The Prologue is a jump into the future – telling readers that Jessie’s identity has been blown – and then we go back to the start with her first day back at school, which is only a few weeks after the end of book 1.

Q. Jessie’s story is Young Adult. How have you found the transition from writing Chick-Lit to YA
A. It’s no different, really. I’m still writing about the overwhelming feeling of falling in love. Occasionally I might write a phrase that doesn’t feel very teen and have to change it, but that’s easily done.

Paige Toon & Emma

Q. Jessie is a teenager who doesn’t really do what she’s told, but at the same time, she wants her Dad to love her more than anything. How did you find writing about these two different sides of one person?
A. I loved it. Jessie is probably one of my most complex characters and she’s a joy to write about. Probably one of my very favourite characters, actually, which might surprise some people.

Q. Which Young Adult authors have you taken tips from? Whether that’s from reading their books or them actually giving you advice.
A. No one has actually given me advice, but I do love Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Meyer, the latter of whom wrote one of my favourite love stories of all time, even if it is about vampires and werewolves! I knew that as long as I felt connected to the characters and could really put myself in their position, I’d be okay. It’s exactly the same for adult as for young adult.

Q. Aside from Ali Harris (another Chick-Lit author) giving you the encouragement to write YA, what else gave you the push to write in a new genre?
It really was just Ali! I do like YA books, but it hadn’t occurred to me that I could branch out. I’d like to write a high concept love story set in the future, too, as soon as I have enough time to get around to it!

Leah from @leahlovesbooks_ asks:

Q. Is the title I Knew You Were Trouble inspired by the Taylor Swift song?
A. Yes, it is. I love that song! And Jack is such a bad boy…

I Knew You Were Trouble is set to be published on the 31st July – preorder your copy NOW!

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