A Cheeky Clothing Haul


Hello everyone, 

I’m not the biggest fashion lover, I’ll be honest. I don’t follow trends, I certainly don’t set trends and I’m really careful about which clothes I buy (lets ignore all my Harry Potter PJs)… But with all that being said, I still wanted to show you all what I’ve bought recently and it’s only four items.

*Disclaimer: Neither Primark or Next have sponsored me for this post. These items were purchased randomly with my own pennies. 







Sorry if you don’t like feet..

I had a pair of New Look gladiator sandals which lasted me for around five to six years but last summer, they completely gave up on me and seeing as the UK isn’t exactly the hottest country in the world, I’ve only just found some new ones which I absolutely love. I’m really fussy when it comes to shoes and I’m not the typical girl who has a million pairs – I have less than ten. But with Primark, they’re cheap, comfortable and really pretty. I went for a white pair simply because I’ve never owned white shoes before and when I tried them on, I just fell in love.

The detailing on the front is just perfect with a bright coloured toe (excuse my messy job of mine!) and the strap which ties around the bottom of your leg can either be on show when wearing shorts or covered up when wearing a long skirt. Whatever floats your boat. These were £8 and I just love them.






The prettiest top in the world..

I’ve had my eye on this top for many weeks now and I’m so pleased I went for the navy/white version rather than the white/white one. It isn’t exactly classed as a ‘crop top’ but it does show the tiniest bit of skin around your midriff. This top was £6 (I think) and it’s just ideal when you want to wear a nice top yet keep it casual with shorts. I honestly thought it would need a little tank top underneath in case it was thin fabric but apparently not.

The flower detailing on the arm and stomach aren’t overpowering – you think it would be but it’s seriously pretty. If I could wear this all day, every day I happily would. Much like the shoes, I will show you what the top looks like on with the shorts below…






*with the above top*

The jeans for the Kardashian booty..

My bum isn’t as big as Kim’s but I do struggle finding jeans/shorts which really do fit perfectly around my waist and legs. I’ve wanted a new pair of denim shorts for a while now and I spotted these beauties for £30 in Next a week or so ago. I did the whole trying them on, do a squat, have a sit down and cross your legs test.

The detailing on the front of the shorts is so uniquely simply that it made me love the shorts even more. It’s not too much and with no the back, it’s just ideal to jazz it up a little bit. I wouldn’t usually spend so much on a pair of shorts but I’ve had similar ones from Next before and they’re just a wardrobe necessity.





The perfect pool outfit..

Now, we don’t have a holiday booked just yet. My best friend from work and I keep talking about a few days in Barcelona but who knows? This however, was £18 well spent because I just know that I’m going to use it for every single holiday. I’m not tanned, I’m a friendly-ghost-white but I just love this casual dress.

THERE ARE POCKETS. Dresses with pockets are my favourite thing. That is all.

Have you been shopping  recently? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx