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Hello you lovely bunch, 

Today is a short post but I still wanted to tell you about this utterly amazing shower and bath gel which I picked up recently in ASDA. NSPA are a brand who I have never heard of before and only until recently have I seen their products in the shop. I love shower/bath gels which are very sweet. I want to smell like a sweet shop for days on end but I’m also super picky. Aren’t I just lovely? Ha!

*Disclaimer: Neither ASDA or NSPA have sponsored me for this post. It is my own product purchased with my own money. 

Luscious Fresh Clementine Shower & Bath Gel




This clementine shower and bath gel is NEW to the range and smells heavenly. I’m literally sat here, sniffing the bottle, trying to tell you all how delicious it smells. The gel is bursting with natural vitamins which are able to give your skin the nutrients it deserves with real fruit goodness. I purposely recommend finding a clementine (or a similar fruit in the orange family) moisturiser in order to top up the heavenly smell – do The Body Shop do one? I need one because this is by far, one of my favourite shower items of all time.

I discovered this product in ASDA and they also stock them in the following scents; apple, lemon and blueberry. It’s either two gels for £4 or one for £3. I went for the one of £3 (it was actually £2 in my local store) because the others weren’t in stock at the time. If I happen to pick up any of the other three, I will most definitely review!

On the NSPA website, there is an entire page dedicated to the Fruit Extracts Range where you can purchase even more scents such as cherry, honey, peach, coconut, mango, passion fruit, raspberry, shea butter and vanilla. Not only that but they also stock body mists, shower scrubs and body butter in all of the flavours. YUM. I need them all.

I should probably tell you that this clementine shower/bath gel lathers up really well and the entire shower smells of heavenly fruitiness for days on end. I don’t need a great deal of moisturiser on afterwards as it really does sink well into the skin leaving you feeling super, super soft.

Which scent do you love using in the bath/shower? 

EL xx


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