The Colouring Book Craze



So you may have seen the latest craze on Twitter for bloggers and that is colouring books. I’ve loved them since I was a child, I mean who hasn’t? But recently, they’ve come back into fashion and to my surprise, I’ve heard that they’re brilliant for people who suffer from anxiety. Despite my anxiety and panic attacks being completely calm and well under control, I still wanted to try these out so when I saw them in The Range one afternoon, I picked them up (with fresh pencils as well, naturally)..

*Disclaimer: Neither The Range, Design Originals or Stabilo have sponsored me for this post. 




I bought the animal colouring book because the first page was owls and you all know how obsessed I am. Both colouring books were £5 each with amazing quality paper – they’re great to use for both pencils and/or felt tips. I’m not going to show you every single page, because that would ruin it for you..






I’ve really enjoyed the animal book and I’m yet to pick the flower one up yet so bear with me, there may be another post coming about that. Who knows?

Have you found that colouring books help you in any way? 

EL xx


4 thoughts on “The Colouring Book Craze

  1. I absolutely love this craze. Working in Mental Health this is something that’s been used for years but I’m so glad that it’s now catching on and people are seeing the benefits.

    I do find that some of the books are incredibly expensive and I feel that some are taking advantage of this craze. But I love it regardless!

    Beka. xo

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