Review of Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland

Published: 29th June 2015
Simon & Schuster
Pages: 272


Aloha Sprinklerinos! Imagine you are in one of those glorious vintage shops where every surface is laden with treasure. Cut glass, pill boxes, old cameras, pendants, chests of drawers and stacks and stacks of books. This book is like that. Each chapter is one of those gem encrusted tins that you can open, peep inside and enjoy. You can either methodically wander the entire shop, looking at each individual item in order, or, you can dance around with wild abandon, opening and closing whatever you like, whenever you like. You can take in tiny bits of it at a time or you can devour it all in one go. I don’t mind. I don’t mind how you go about it; all that matters to me is that you take something from it. Divided into four sections: Glitz, Create, Need to Knows and All About Love , you’ll find all my little tips and tricks, stories and insights and nuggets of advice. I want you to walk away from this book feeling uplifted. I want you to feel as though you are equipped to deal with something in your life and deal with it in the best possible, positive way. I want to show you how I find so much joy and enrichment in my life and how you can do it too, with just a Sprinkle of Glitter…Toodlepip! Xxx


The guide to choosing a happy life begins with such a sweet introduction from Louise. I really like the fact that this YouTube book is about putting happiness back into the community and at times, the blogging world needs a handful of it.

Part One: Glitz
When talking about treating yourself to a relaxing spa day, Louise not only caters for people who can afford it but she also highly recommends a relaxing free night in your own home (and bath if you have one). With the makeup section, Louise only gives a few recommendations before giving tips about how you can truly look after your face with a great Skincare routine. For a fellow beauty blogger, I’m happy with mine because it works for me but I like the fact that this is marketed at younger girls who may not know what the routine should consist of. The celebrity aspect of the book may not be to everyone’s cup of tea – some love them, some hate them but I personally found it hilarious yet it is difficult not to get flustered around someone famous. The chapter on shopping was the one I was looking forward to the most because right now, I’m at my heaviest and I’ve done the whole “if I buy a smaller size, it might push me to loose the Kardashian bum” thing – FYI, it won’t but this chapter made me feel like it’s perfectly okay to have some junk in your trunk. Own it. The final chapter in this section was about travel and for me, it’s one which still does fill me with a little bit of anxiety so next time I’m hopping on a plane or long train, I’ll be reading this chapter again.

Part Two: Create
Hello favourite section! Despite having already been to University whilst still living at home, I really enjoyed the opening of this chapter: moving out and studying. What Louise said about IKEA is 100% true and that caused an awful lot of giggles. I really enjoyed the chapter about redecorating your room as it’s something I’m forever doing, even if it just means moving items around. Louise constantly hits the nail on the head with incredibly decorative ideas. Being all crafty with different coloured sheets and transforming old candle jars into something new is an aspect of life I ache for – I just love it! When I spotted the craft chapter dedicated to Louise’s Mum, I knew I would enjoy it even more. The methods on how to make bunting, coloured jars etc. were so unique and just oozed Louise. Let’s just discuss the Anti-Baking chapter.. What can I say apart from “all the LOLs!” It was hilarious because I could hear Louise telling me the Spider-Man cake story and I just couldn’t stop laughing. No Great British Bake Off for her..

Part Three: Need To Knows
Let’s get serious.. School is a privilege, Louise knows it, I know it but students don’t realise it before it’s too late. Despite not being in school, I really liked the chapter about it as it gave me the chance to realise that I truly, truly hated high school and probably always will. Bullying is the chapter which was of most interest to me for obvious reasons and as Louise is in the public eye, she can make a change. Girl power and all that jazz. I was quite surprised by Louise’s honesty; parts of it shocked me and I really did get slightly choked up by her home truths, but I’m glad she spoke out because I’ve found a whole new respect for her. The chapter about being careful online and using the correct platforms is perfect for any reader of any age because we’ll never be 100% certain of who is behind the screen – we all hide things from our blog readers and I’m really pleased Louise spoke about this as it’ll definitely benefit all of us. Having her discuss her anxiety (plus a sickening NYC story) made me think about my own journey with the horrible illness and reflex upon it.

Part Four: All About Love
I SO NEEDED THIS CHAPTER! This was a complete wake up call for me, I’ll be honest: I’m unlucky in love and currently trying to work it out with a blast from the past. This chapter of fairy godmother magic was just what I needed. The dating horror stories which Louise kindly shared were hilarious and I mean: tears of laughter and casually thanking the makeup angels for waterproof mascara! The final two chapters about Darcey and spreading kindness in the world is exactly what Louise is all about and it was a really touching ending to a lovely book.

I’m really glad I decided to purchase Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter because for well over a year now, Louise has been a lady in the public eye who I admire. She’s not everywhere but she’s there when you need that extra bit of comfort. This book is truly unique; unlike any other YouTuber book and I just loved it.

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