Happy Friday! 

The thing with IKEA is: you go in knowing what you want yet you come out with other items. I did exactly that one Saturday afternoon.. I went in wanting a small bookcase which I had seen for £25 as well as some bedding. I didn’t get either, oops! But I did pick up a few bits and bobs for my room because I’m always adding more and making it feel even homey.

*Disclaimer: IKEA have not sponsored me for this post, it’s purely a bit of fun. 




This white/grey puzzle cushion was £1. No joke. Click the link above and it’ll tell you I’m right. I couldn’t believe it because when you fall in love with a home ware item, it becomes more of a “I must, must purchase this” when it’s super cheap. The print of what my Dad called “puzzle splodges” isn’t my usual taste as I tend to like really plain cushions but I just adored this as it was chic, retro and I knew it would add some sort of edge to my room.



It’s mint! You all know how much I’ve been loving the colour mint for the past few months so this just screamed out to me. For £3, you can opt for the mint/white one (it’s white on the outside), grey/white, red/white or blue/white. I didn’t have a particular need for this but it’s actually come in handy as it’s where I store my facial pads in my little makeup section of my room. It’s really lightweight and just unbelievably great for pretty much anything.

SINNLIG Scented Candle




IKEA has a stupid amount of candles and I love it. This was the first candle I picked up and it’s such a calming soothing spa smell. Heaven, heaven, heaven! Oh and it matches perfectly with a vanilla one I picked up a while ago. There’s not a great deal to say about the candle – it isn’t fancy, there is no design, they burn for 25 hours and all in all, it just smells relaxing.

Candle Dish



So, these were a “last chance to buy in stock” kind of purchase. I’ve needed some small candle dishes for a while now and despite IKEA doing quite a few, I wasn’t a fan until my Dad spotted these. For 45p each – I would have been silly not to of picked them up. You can see how tidy it looks with the candle and if there is any wax spillage, then it would go onto the plate rather than on my windowsill.

Have you been to IKEA recently? What do you enjoy buying from there?

EL xx