A Little Life Update


Happy Monday!

I’m back to blogging – woo yeah! I’ve had a little bit of time away with the odd post here and there, but apart from that I’ve actually enjoyed not having a million and one things to do in regards to my blog.

So what have you missed?

I had a week of panic attacks all last week due to a crazy amount of pressure.. I’m not going to go into too much detail simply because I haven’t figured out whether it’s here to stay or not. Hopefully it’ll be the latter but last week’s anxiety proved that I have a truly amazing friend from work called Colin – I know he reads my blog and will probably be full of the LOLs in his Beyonce corner (don’t ask). So thank you Mr. Good friends are very hard to find.

I’ve gone back to learning to drive – oh my, a loon is going on the roads. Ha! I’ve booked my theory (no, I refuse to tell you the date) and my sister is going to help me or so she claims.

I received a proof copy of the book of the year.. You know how much I love, adore and obsess over Nicholas Sparks. Well, Little Brown very kindly sent me an advance copy of his upcoming October release called See Me. I posted a picture on Twitter for you all to nosy at. I’m just under a hundred pages in and so far, I’m absolutely loving it. No surprise there.

I’m doing a Instagram challenge created by Katy from Little Miss Katy. It’s called #littlehappymonday and you know what? I never feel happy on a Monday so I’m looking forward to this little fun project. I’m not sure how long Katy plans on running it for, perhaps every Monday but why not join in?

I witnessed my first tantrum from my oldest nephew, whilst home alone with him in my sister’s. Oh my. It was literally over within five minutes because I took Woody away from him. Aunty strategies right there. He allowed me to dress him. Yup, we all wish we could stay in our PJ’s forever munchkin; *she says as she types this whilst in hers..*

I discovered a new YouTube family – well, they’re not new but yesterday, I found the very adorable Michalaks family; Hannah, Stef and their toddler Grayson. SO CUTE. ALL THE CUTENESS. As I type this, I’m catching up on their vlogs from the past three months or so.

I’m blogging again.. No shit Sherlock. Ha! I’ve got a couple of blog posts planned coming on Monday, Wednesday & Friday of each week. As Autumn draws nearer, I’m finding myself being more eager to take pictures earlier in the morning because it gets darker earlier – LOVE IT.

So, that is it. You’ve not missed a great deal but never the less you know what is going on in my little world. I will see you on Wednesday for a post about Instagram which I’m about to schedule now and I’ve just realised it’s going to take a while but never the less, it’ll happen..

How is your Monday so far?

EL xx


4 thoughts on “A Little Life Update

  1. Hi 🙂 I love your blog, I have nominated you for the Liebster award, the details are on my latest blog post x


    1. Thank you lovely, that’s really kind of you. Can completely agree with you about the driving – let me know how it goes. Hope you’re well xx


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