The Pros & Cons Of Owning A Border Collie

Since writing this post in 2015, it has had 10k+ views.

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So, I wanted to rewrite it a little bit for those who are returning readers and for those who have found my blog through a Google search…


Murph came into the family on 28th September 2014 with a heart shaped nose and the fluffiest of coats. With him being my Uncle’s dog and living just down the road, I was able to look after him quite a lot and provide him with training.

Border Collie’s are commonly known as the working dog.

They love to be outside.

They take quite some time to tire out.

But they’re loyal.

With every dog, there are pros + cons, so I wanted to share a handful with you from my own personal experience…


The Positive’s…

They’re bloody adorable.

All puppies are adorable, that goes without saying really but Murph was just unbelievably cute with his little heart shaped nose and his little paws. Oh, how I miss that version of him.

They’re attention seekers.

Murph has six family members around him so as you can imagine, he absolutely loves it. He loves the fuss, he loves the cuddles and he certainly loves the treats.

They’re intelligent.

Border Collies are known for being intelligent and even though ‘sit’ is the first trick which puppies will learn, Murph was already placing his bum on the floor at any given opportunity.

They Love Exercise.

This can go either way; good if you enjoy walking but when it’s torrential rain, they still want to go out and well, the smell of wet dog isn’t pleasant. When Murph was a puppy, he was a joy to walk as so many people wanted to come up to him but now that he’s going on for 4 years old, he’s a bit of a nightmare.

They’re Very Loyal. 

Loyal is the best word to describe Border Collie’s and I certainly love how protective they are of you. This used to be one of my favourite things about Murph, but since he hit the 2 year mark, he turned into overly protective.

The Negatives…

The Biting/Chewing

I can not tell you how shocked I was at this. This is the only piece of furniture in our house which he has chewed and that’s because he had left his toys in the kitchen and just couldn’t be bothered to go get one. My Grandad’s furniture is a whole other story..

The Humping

Murph is a boy.

I’m saying nothing more.

The Crying

Puppies are essentially fluffy babies and they’re most definitely have separation anxiety. Leaving the room and closing the door behind you is like a slap in the face to them. With Border Collie’s being loyal, they want to be with you ALL THE TIME so naturally, you feel horrible for leaving them just to empty your bladder.

The Toilet Training

Runny poo’s and wee puddles pretty much everywhere.

The biggest tip I’d give any puppy owner is to put them outside once they’re eaten or had a drink. Do this straight away and it’ll start coming naturally do them. It got to a point when Murph used to sit by the back door and put his paw on it, knowing it needed to go do his business.

The Sulking

I knew the puppy dog eyes would be a killer, but the sulking was unbearable. If your puppy doesn’t do their command, they don’t get a treat or praise so you walk away until they figure it out. Oh wow, Murph really sulked with me on this one.

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