The Pros & Cons Of Owning A Border Collie



What better way to kick-start your Wednesday than with pictures of a cute pup? This is Merf but I’m pretty sure 90% of you have met him before when I did a walkies post and that went down a storm! The feedback on social media was absolutely crazy and people just seem to love to see him.

Merf came into our family on the 28th September 2014 and it was by far, the best decision. Border Collie’s are a working dog so we all knew that he would be a lot of work but you know what? He’s been worth it because he’s really good (and rather cheeky).

So today, I thought I would share with you a few pros and cons about what it’s really like to own a Border Collie from their first few weeks up until they’re a year old. As much as I would LOVE for this to be picture heavy, it won’t be because next Monday I have another puppy post lined up..

The Pros..

1.) The cute factor.


Believe it or not, Merf was four months old here (I double checked my iPhone with dates), but this little bundle of fluff truly was a puppy.

2.) They Love Attention

Merf is looked after by six family members so he’s used to ALL of us constantly giving him cuddles and a few treats here and there. If I were to say to him, “where’s Grandad?” He will either go running to the door or he’ll go over to him if he’s here on that particular day.

3.) They’re Intelligent

Merf picked up on “sit” within a matter of weeks. I used a technique on YouTube which consists of you pushing down on their little bottom in order for them to sit. I had to do this three or four times but holding a toy or treat above his head worked.

4.) They Love Excerise


Okay, this can go both ways I guess.  I don’t mind going for walks, along as he’s with us. His long lead isn’t long enough and he’s become used to our regular routes around the area in which we live in. Our garden is quite big as we live on a corner so it bends round which means we’re able to throw balls for him and he can have a really good run without my Uncle having a melt down because he won’t come back after being let off in a field. Believe me, it happened.

5.) They’re Very Loyal 

I think it’s safe to say that Merf loves our family unit. He’s started to bark every time someone knocks on the door now which he never used to do or if he’ll hear a car, he knows when to expect someone or not. But yes, we do have the odd joke of where we knock on the table just to send him hyper. It’s quite hilarious.

The Cons (I don’t like this)..

1.) The Biting/Chewing


I can not tell you how shocked I was at this. This is the only piece of furniture in our house which he has chewed and that’s because he had left his toys in the kitchen and just couldn’t be bothered to go get one. My Grandad’s furniture is a whole other story..

2.) The Humping

Merf is a boy. I could stop there. When they’re puppies, they tend to hump an awful lot and we made the mistake of giving him blankets which he grew very fond of. If I were to pick it up, he would take that as an opportunity to hump it. It’s safe to say that he grew out of the humping stage very quickly (around 6/7 months) and thankfully, he’s never tried to hump another dog.

3.) The Crying


PUPPY EYES. I took Merf to my Grandad’s for an afternoon when I had an afternoon where I couldn’t take him. So I left him for literally an hour and he acted as if it were the end of the world. It wouldn’t let me leave for starters so I used the back door and gate instead. I could hear him crying as I’m walking past the window and it absolutely killed me. According to my Grandad, he was in a right grump for that hour.

4.) The Toilet Training

Sloopy poo and wee on the carpet. Need I say more? Word to the wise: the second your puppy finishes eating, put him/her outside straight away. I taught Merf to put his paw on the door when he wants to go outside and it works wonders.

5.) The Sulking

On one side of his personality, he is proper sulky/grumpy and on the other, he’s cheeky and full of beans. The sulking is mainly in regards to me not sharing my human food and not letting him outside when it’s a storm. I’ll usually get a nudge from his head and then just constant “I’m not happy with you” glares.

Now, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. I adore our puppy and I’m seriously happy that he’s in our lives. The cons aren’t as bad as I thought they would have been. PHEW! I’m still doing okay in the puppy owning world. If you have any pros/cons of owning your dog, please do share them. I’ll see you on Monday with another Merf post.

EL xx


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