A Year With Merf


Happy Monday!

Are you fed up of seeing that utterly adorable face yet? I hope not because TODAY marks the 1 year anniversary of when Merf came into our family. I’m not going into details of where my Uncle bought him from because some people think you should buy a rescue dog, others say you should buy only to breed and others think that you should buy them from a farm. I’m not going to discuss where we bought him from because that is our choice – what I will say is that this little chap is going to be getting the snip sometime this year or possibly next. Yikes.

So, today’s post is just of a few Merf snaps which you may have seen on Instagram but I’m going to post them anyway..


day one – three months old – straight under the radiator


four months old – I wish he still slept like this


four months old – having some cuddles


five months old – stealing carrots
(dogs are allowed, fear not!)


eight months old – cheeky chap


a year old – sulking because I wouldn’t share the blanket


a year old – guarding his ball


a year old – breaking the boundaries


a year old – loving life

So, I hope you enjoyed this photo based blog post. It’s just a mini celebration of having Merf with us for a year (that’s seven to him, poor sod), but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s a little babe with his own personality and I just love having him around. He definitely makes the grey days seem brighter.

Do you have a puppy? Let me know!

EL xx