“Baby, It’s Fun Outside & Cosy Inside…” Christmas With Yankee Candle


Happy Friday! 

Christmas is on its way with exactly 2 months and 23 days to go, but who is counting? Tom Fletcher, that’s who. The shops seem to sneak in the festive items around September but I held off until now to bring you my first Christmas post of 2015 and I made sure it was an unbelievable exciting one!

*Disclaimer: Yankee Candle’s PR team have kindly sent these products for review but my opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced. 



Whether you’re looking for fun Winter moments outside in the snow or to curl up with your loved ones inside, Yankee Candle have produced four beautifully festive candles to get you in the mood. And yes, that is a candy cane.

Baby, it’s fun outside..


Bundle Up is a deep green in colouring, cosy in scent and one for both Autumn and/or Winter! With the burn time between 25-40 hours; the delicious combination of citrus, powdered snow and fresh linen is quite warm and inviting for a supposedly colder season. Let’s face it, despite being all bundled up and outside in the typical English weather – we’re still cold.


Winter Glow is my favourite – let me just put that out there. Imagine walking in a beautiful snow-covered forest on Christmas Eve during the afternoon sunshine – that my friends is Winter Glow. With the frosty feeling keeping you warm and fuzzy inside, I’m seriously in love with this beautiful scent. Oh heaven.

…And cosy inside


Berry Trifle is a deep red berry colouring with a heavenly scent of tangy, sharp berries in a bed of soft vanilla cream. How many times can I saw berries in one sentence? It’s quite the strong berry scent (which will give you a headache if you smell it too often, my bad), but it’s delicious and makes me wish I liked eating berries. But instead, I’ll have this lit during dessert time on Christmas Day because my Dad will 100% be eating a trifle – it’s his tradition.


Cosy By The Fire is yet another gorgeous red coloured candle with scents of ginger, clove, orange all combined with wood to give off the perfect cosy by the fire feeling. This candle brought back a lot of happy memories for me at my Grandparents home with their open fire during Christmas time – I’ll be lighting this and remembering all the precious memories in their home.

All of the candles come in the following sizes;
Wax Melts – £1.49
Samples – £1.80
Tealights – £6.99
Small Jar – £8.99
Medium Jar – £18.99
Large Jar – £21.99

I hope this rather early Christmas post helped you get into the festive period. Let me know which candles you’ll be burning in the final month of the year. 

EL xx


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