A Few Of My Favourite Things…


Happy Friday! 

 Today is quite the upbeat post as I’ve been loving quite a few things recently so I thought, why not share? I did a Products I’m Loving Right Now quite a while ago and that is one of my most read posts so thank you for that!

1. The Newcastle Surprise


My very best friend Jonathan turned 25 on the 2nd of October and with the help of his Mum and one of his sisters, we planned for me to go up to Newcastle for the weekend to surprise him… AND IT WORKED! I think shocked is an understatement and to my amazement, I didn’t cry. We had a really lovely weekend; watched a Green Day tribute band (not my cup of tea, but actually quite good), shopping, Gossip Girl episodes, selfies (this is our only one from his birthday meal) and just generally catching up. Love him ❤

2. The Yankee Christmas Candles


HOLY CHRISTMAS! These smell so good! I’ve been lighting Cosy By The Fire & Bundle Up together whilst it’s currently Autumn and I’m saving Berry Trifle & Winter Glow for December. These have been in shops since the beginning of October and you can see my blog post about them with all the links right here.

3. Gossip Girl

If you know me at all, you will know that I’m addicted to Pretty Little Liars. So when my withdrawal from S6 kicked in, I decided to start watching a show which everyone seems to be continually talking about – Gossip Girl. I’m slowly yet surely making my way through the seasons and I’m obsessed. *no spoilers, please!*

4. Blogmas 2015

I'm Doing Blogmas!:

Just like last year, I’ve decided to do Blogmas again. If you’re unaware of what it is, basically – you blog every single day leading up to Christmas Day and I personally love it. I’ve started to gather ideas and I’m planning on doing a full mixture of beauty, lifestyle, food and book related posts.

5. Carrie Brighton & Lily Melrose



I love discovering fellow bloggers and recently, I’ve been loving two in particular: Carrie Brighton and Lily Melrose. With Carrie, I’ve been obsessing over her Instagram feed – it’s so beautiful and she’s just one of those girls who people need to talk more about. With Lily, it was her Vlog YouTube channel which first allowed me to follow her on Instagram, but I think it’s safe to say I’m fully enjoying her Vlogtober so far! If you have any blogger recommendations, let me know!

6. Writing’s On The Wall

ON REPEAT. The most beautiful song of 2015. My favourite song of 2015. My favourite Sam Smith song of all time. Need to see him live. All the feels. Can’t even string a sentence together properly. Listen to the beauty of the new Bond song right here, right now. Please and thank you.

What have you been loving recently?

EL xx