Olay’s Limited Edition Skincare


Happy Wednesday all, 

Today, I am back with another beauty post but this time, it’s mainly about skin care. Olay are a company who I never heard bloggers discussing and I’m quite surprised about that. After kindly being sent a selection of their Limited Edition products, I’m now a huge fan. But don’t be fooled by what people say – Olay isn’t a brand for the older generation because at the age of twenty-four, I love it.

*Disclaimer: Olay have sent these products for review but my opinions are 100% my own and have not been influenced.

Hydration + Radiant Glow




The word summer springs to mind right now. As a light weight moisturiser, the hydration and radiant glow product really does give your skin exactly what you need during the winter months: a glow! With SPF 15 slipping into the bottle, I’m very tempted to save this product until the warmer months next year because it really would be ideal for summer time.

Hydration + BB Cream




If you don’t wish to wear a full foundation during the day, a BB cream is your next bet and I think I’ve found the one for me. With UV protection, Vitamin B3, 24 hour moisture and a hint of Max Factor X foundation – this is perfect for days when you want to wear makeup but not an awful lot.

Hydration + Flawless Blur




Oh hello new holy grail product. The word ‘excellent base for make-up’ don’t even quite cover it because it is absolutely flawless when it comes to being a base. I used this for the first time at the beginning of a busy day at work and by the end of my shift, my makeup was the same as it was when I applied it in the morning. I’m completely obsessed with this product. OBSESSED.

Total Effects 7in1




Don’t be fooled by the words ‘age defying’ because at the age of twenty-four, I certainly do not look my age – people assume I’m eighteen if not younger but this is such a great moisturiser for during the day. I haven’t used it a great deal as I do have my trusty Nivea but when I do use the Olay product, my skin feels incredible from morning to evening.

Have you used any Olay products? If not, which would you like to try from the above? Let me know in the comments below.

EL xx