Review of The Two Of Us by Andy Jones

Published: 7th May 2015
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 464


Fisher and Ivy have been an item for a whole nineteen days. And they just know they are meant to be together. The fact that they know little else about each other is a minor detail. Over the course of twelve months, in which their lives will change forever, Fisher and Ivy discover that falling in love is one thing, but staying there is an entirely different story.


Ivy and William (Fisher) have been together for a matter of weeks; they’ve made love everyday, made toast in the nude and spent as much time as they possibly can together. But something has changed, Ivy is different but why? Straight away, I feel in love with their relationship despite being left in the dark by Ivy’s problem. When Ivy tells Fisher that she is expecting their baby, I wasn’t surprised but I certainly was when the sonographer informed them both of some news – the title makes perfect sense once you read this scene; a beautiful yet petrifying thought all in one.

“The difference, I suppose, is that this is now my home. Our home.”

From family members moving in to a critically ill best friend to those three special words, The Two Of Us really covers everything. The arguments between Fisher and Ivy were realistic; the whole going to bed without clearing the air and tip-toeing around each other in the morning were spot on. Andy’s writing is so chilled out yet serious when it needs to be – I love it.

“But none of that changes the simple fact that Ivy is my ‘one,’ and I intend to be with her until one of us (me, I hope) dies peacefully in our sleep.”

I will warn you now: this isn’t an easy, light hearted ending. It’s quite difficult to read through the lump in your throat, trying to stop the sobs coming when you’re reading your Kindle in public. I’ve read many a plot which focus on emotional, true aspects of life and I’m so pleased Andy wrote about it. Ivy and Fisher do not have an easy path in their relationship but they’re strong and that is what I love about them. This is by far, one of my favourite books of this year and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

“Say hello to Daniel.”

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