Blogmas Day 3: UK Christmas Markets


On the third day of Blogmas…

Now today I thought I would try something completely different (and you’ve already guessed by the title, but lets pretend you don’t know) – UK Christmas Markets!!! I LOVE THESE SO MUCH. Walking around in a city, wrapped up with a cosy scarf and coat while you decide on what flavour hot chocolate you’d like is heaven to me.

The below list is in no particular order, I’ve chosen the main cities and if you know of any more, please leave them in the comments below. If you’d prefer to read the full list, it is on the website, the link is here.

Liverpool – 20th November to 19th December
*I will be attending*

Manchester – 14th November to 21st December
*I will be attending*

Tate Modern London – 20th November – 23rd December

Edinburgh – 20th November – 4th January

London Winter (A Taster) – 19th November to 22nd November

Nottingham – 20th November to 24th December

Chester – 19th November to 20th December

Bath – 26th November to 13th December

Sussex – 14th November to 15th November

Leeds – 13th November to 20th December

Oxford – 10th December to 20th December

Llandudno – 19th November to 22nd November

West Sussex – 5th December to 6th December

Belfast – 14th November to 20th December

Glasgow – 13th November to 20th December

Birmingham – 12th November to 22nd December

York – 19th November to 23rd December

Bristol – 6th November to 22nd December

Rochester – 28th November to 12th December

Cardiff – 12th November to 23rd December

Are you attending any of the above? Let me know if you blog about it please.

EL xx