Blogmas Day 6: Top 5 Festive Films


On the sixth day of Blogmas…

If you’ve been following my blog since last Christmas, you will know that I did a Top 5 Festive Films post then but my choices have actually changed.

5. Miracle On 34th Street (1994)Β 


SO CUTE. This film has all the festive feels from Matilda being utterly adorable (as per) to a family slowly coming together. I only purchased this film last year and after being all cosy in bed watching it, it has crept into my top 5.

4. The Polar Express (2004)

An non mover from last year’s post. I can watch this any time of the year as it’s just that good. This film is constantly on ITV2 during the festive period and a few months before hand actually. With Tom Hanks doing a few of the voices, you find yourself completely absorbed within minutes.

3. Deck The Halls (2006)

SO FUNNY. Danny DeVito vs. Matthew Broderick – what more could you ask for? Two neighbours going head to head over festive lights is funnier than it will ever sound. I absolutely love this film and I can’t wait to watch it.

2. Home Alone (1990)

I’ve never been a big fan of this film, mainly because I’ve never seen it the entire way through until now. It was recently on TV in October and I took the liberty of recording it so I can sit back, relax and enjoy this prank-tastic film in full.

1. The Santa Clause (1994)

Honestly, this will ALWAYS be my favourite Christmas film. There is just something magical about Tim Allen and I just adore him as Santa. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it – do watch it this December because it truly is the best.

Which are your favourite festive films?

EL xx


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: Top 5 Festive Films

  1. I love all of these films but miracle on 34th street because I haven’t watched it! Polar express is such a classic, can’t wait to watch it next weekend when wrapping up presents x


    1. I only watched Miracle On 34th Street for the first time last year and just loved it. Ohhh, I can watch The Polar Express in ANY month, Ha! Obsessed with it xx


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