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Blogmas Day 21: Treating Yourself This Christmas


On the twenty-first day of Blogmas…

Christmas time is about being with family, eating ALL the food, buying presents and visiting the markets but sometimes, you need a bit of TLC whether it’s just buying a new cheese from the supermarket or having a day away from the world of social media. I wanted to do this post not in a “be selfish this festive period” way but just in a “treat yourself because you deserve it” way. You feel me?

Seeing as my blog is based around book reviews and recommendations as well as beauty and lifestyle, I accidentally featured my own treats around these sections. Whoops.

Going Blonder..


Last Monday, I went blonder. Oh yes! This little brunette who went ombre is now a little bit more blonde and you know what? I flipping well love it. You know when you find a hairdresser and you just click? I have that and I think I’m going to be using her with my hair for the rest of my life. I’ve not had my hair cut or coloured since the beginning of June so it really, really needed it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

A New Relationship…ย 


No, it’s not with a boy… It’s with a brand! I have never usedย Soap & Glory before. Yup, you read that correctly. My skin is very sensitive so for a while, I’ve been in two minds whether to try them or not but when I spotted the 3 for 2 offer in Boots on my way to the train station, I decided to treat myself and I’m so very pleased that I did because I smell like a cake. One of my favourite new brands.

Books, Books, Books…



Seeing as I recently started working in the Liverpool Waterstones, we have 50% discount which I have of course used a few times. The top two books are actually proofs from the staff room which we were kindly sent and I’ve had my eye on them for quite some time so they will be reviewed in 2016. The bottom two are early birthday presents to myself from myself – ha! I’m twenty-five on the 26th and these are two books which I have wanted for SO long. Louise O’Neill is one of the most incredible YA authors in the world and with her debut last year, she did not disappoint me. I’ll be doing lots of baking posts in the New Year from the cookbook so stay tuned for those…

If you treat yourself in the big build up to Christmas, enjoy yourself!

EL xx


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