Blogmas Day 24: Merry Christmas


On the twenty-four day of Blogmas…

Tomorrow is Christmas; the day of the present opening, the endless films on the TV, the family gathering to watch the Queen’s Speech and the carving of the turkey. Whether you celebrate the big day or not, I hope that you enjoy yourself whatever the weather (always hoping for snow!).

I’ve really enjoyed Blogmas this year – it was a lot of fun spending my November days thinking of a variety of posts for you all and I’m incredibly grateful for all the lovely comments each day, so thank you! I’ve barely had chance to read any Blogmas posts because each and every day, I’ve just about had time to set my post live before I’m heading for a train to one of my two jobs – yikes! This month has been mental but in a very enjoyable way.

In 2016, I really want to continue with blogging. This year, I’ve kind of slowed down with my reading – read what I’ve really wanted to read and I’ve been really firm with quite a few review requests. I think my blog has done a lot better with only posting things which I would want to read so that decision has been rather beneficial. I’ve been allowed to work with some amazing beauty and lifestyle brands this year; my favourites being Max Factor and Yankee Candle – seriously, the PR girls are so flipping lovely and kind. Next time, who knows who I’ll collab with but right now, I’m very content with my blog.

Things are going to be continuing with the Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts here on my blog. I’ve allowed myself to be a little bit more chilled out and not freak out if I don’t have a post live every single day – it’s tiring, let me tell you! I’m definitely going to try and do a baking post every single month (all depends on my schedule, so no promises) and I hope you will enjoy that.

So consider this me, signing off for a Christmas & New Year break.

Merry Christmas you filthy muggles!ย