#boutofbooks 2016 Update


Good morning, 

Last Monday, I brought you my #boutofbooks plan about which books I was hoping to read in the seven day readathon. I enjoy doing weeks like this because it gives me a push to make a dent in my TBR and I’m also not going to watch One Tree Hill all day.. 


Monday // Day One

I began with a book I’ve been reading since the beginning of last year. After really enjoying The Girl On The Train, everyone seemed to recommend Disclaimer by Renee Knight to me so I took the plunge and began to read. I started #boutofbooks with this book because a) I was already reading it and b) I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. 

Started On: Page 84

Finished On: Page 214

Managed: 130 Pages

Tuesday // Day Two

Seeing as I didn’t manage to finish Disclaimer yesterday, I’m continuing to read it and with 148 pages until the ending, I really wanted to finish it in the second day. But due to being busy, I sadly didn’t have chance.

Started On: Page 214

Finished On: Page 298 

Managed: 84 Pages

Wednesday // Day Three

After yesterday’s poor attempts at finishing the first book of the readathon, I knew I had very little left to read and before lunchtime struck, I had completed Disclaimer and well… That was shocking. My review will be posted on Monday 18th January at 9 am. 

Started On: Page 298

Finished On: Page 362

Managed: 64 Pages 

In the late afternoon, I picked up my second book which was Time Travelling With A Hamster. 

Started On: The first page, obvs..

Finished On:
Page 64

Managed: 64 Pages

Thursday // Day Four 

With my second book off to a good start, I was determined to read quite a bit.

Started On: Page 64

Finished On: Page 64

Managed: Nothing due to being busy, ugh!

Friday // Day Five

I’m quite disappointed in my progress..

Started On: Page 64

Finished On: Page 99

Managed: 35 Pages

Saturday // Day Six 

Started On: Page 99

Finished On: Page 99

Managed: Nothing (ugh!)

Sunday // Day Seven

The only way I can read is if I switch the wifi off and that is what I did. Book two is complete. 

Started On: Page 99

Finished On: Page 398

Managed: 299 Pages

With a couple of hours left of the readathon, I decided to begin my third book: Our Endless Numbered Days. 

Started On: Page 1

Finished On: 25 Pages

Managed: 24 Pages

Overall, I managed to read two books – half of what I wanted to read but that’s okay. 

Reviews are coming soon! 

EL xx